Thursday, July 23, 2015


Today was the Change of Command parade for 14 Wing Greenwood.
Col Huddelston relinquish command of the Wing to Col Thauberger.

My last Squadron on parade, VP404.

The reviewing Officer Major-General Wheeler Cmdt 1 Cdn Air Division Norad, passing the Wing fanion from the former Cmdt to the new one.

The official signing of power transfer.

Col Thauberger giving the General salute to the reviewing officer.
With a CP140 giving a fly over. 

Col, then LCol, Thauberger was my last CO when I retired, from 404 Long Range Patrol & Training Squadron. I always wanted to retired on my own term when I was still enjoying myself along a good command team. At the Squadron I was the Technical Standards Master Warrant Officer and the Senior Aircraft Maintenance Superintendent (SAMS). I truly enjoyed my job and wanted to retired on a high note.

Taking down the flag that I raised on the Wing the morning prior

Some of my personnel folding my flag

My CO LCol Thauberger, presenting me with the flag that flew on the Wing in honor of my 35 plus years service, with Heather looking on.

Later on, during my Depart With Dignity formal ceremony,
 the Sqn CO and Sqn Chief WO making some presentations.

Then in the afternoon I went to help a friend re-shingled his camp roof at Waterloo lake on a small island.

Only access is by boat. The materials have been previously brought.

Striping the roof on one side. The door was previously replaced, 
windows would be next, someday :-).

Almost done... 

In the evening the LOML (Heather) and I went over the plans to relocate the laundry room.
My first sub task would be to relocate the current office area too make room for the laundry room. That would kick us off line temporarily while I re established the connection...

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