Thursday, July 9, 2015

Me and her

With apologies to Brian Eve, I just stole his line :-)

I told you earlier that my wife decided to get into vintage sewing machines, and that she had 7. Well, now she has 9...
To use a line borrowed from me...Honest it just followed me home :-)
In truth she first used that line when she brought home our first dog, Jake. She called me home 3 times. I said NO, the third time I did not even bother to answer I knew that she was coming with the dog somehow...sure enough.

Yes, he quickly became MY dog :-)
He was my faithful shop companion for 15 years, a Bearded Collie.

So of course with all these machines that she is cleaning up, I lost my tube of Autosol and my can of Bar keeper's friend, not to mention how many thingy of sewing machine oil she is going thru to make these machine purrr, and I do mean purrr.

These vintage Singers are really great sewing machine, solid, build like a tank, and very easy to service, but in most case, all they needed was a good cleaning and oiling.

There are so many of these machines out there, they are still going for cheap.
If you want a good basic solid machine get a Singer 15-91, a 201 or a 66 and yes she has all of these plus more...

So with all these machines, we are now scurrying the local sewing fabric stores for material for her to play with.

What! You didn't think she would just buy them to admired them did you?
 As if I ever done that with some I better get back to the subject :-)

Today she send me this link, I do not know why it made her think of me, but here goes :-)

The guys fabric shopping survival guide

And here is a picture of me waiting in such a store...

Bob, who is being invaded by sewing machines argggg...
But I guess I cannot complaint, I still got way more tools than her :-)


  1. Yes, thanks, I was very dehydrated :-)
    Bob, sipping a cold one