Monday, July 6, 2015

Another project nearing completion

My friend's Ensuite bathroom make over is nearing the end. This weekend we hooked up the vanity and the toilet, both are now in service.

Remain to sand/prime/paint wall area around lite fixture. To center the light above the vanity, we had to relocate the octagonal power box. Thankfully, there was a board already secured between both studs, and we had enough play in the wiring to just moved it over a few inches, minimizing wall repairs.

Once area is sanded/primed/painted, it would remain to caulk (white silicon, mold resistant) around the vanity/sink.

Next would be to put on the shower heads, valve covers, trims etc then assembled the shower glass walls.

My friend build his own vanity out of maple.
It look very sharp. 

I'm happy the way it turned out, and I am sure his wife will too.
By the time you read this, she should be back home from the theater area.

On the home front, managed to do some needed yard works since our return from Boston and my wife started to "collect old Singer sewing machines", she now has a herd of 7, there would be some woodworking involved in repairs to cabinets etc. In anticipation, I started to stock up on veneering tools and supplies.

I guess I am an enabler for her collection, since I have a ahem, rather large collection of hand tools. Before she went to pick up No 7 this past Saturday, she asked me how many planes I have...? :-) Oh Oh busted!
Jokes asides, she has plans for them all, set up differently for various jobs, and yes, she has one because its too cute, a children Singer 20-10 hand crank Sew Handy machine, came complete with the often missing clamp :-)

The only other machine she wants for her collection is a good treadle machine, preferably a, Singer of course, No 66 "Red Eye", preferably a mint machine, the cabinet, I can always restored :-)

Singer No 66 Red Eye with optional hand crank attachment.
Pic from Sewalot site, and yes, she has a No 99 :-)

And I think she should also get the hand crank attachment which fits numerous machines. The one she has new since she was a kid, a Singer Fashion mate is electric driven but can also be treadle driven. I did not knew that, many Singers machines that were made to be belt driven, can be hook up to a treadle base. How ingenious!

And I can see setting up a sewing room in my near future....

Bob, the "apparently" enabler of things collectible :-)  


  1. Oh, you can predict the future. ;-)

  2. LOL, Yes Stephan, I'm able to read my wife mind...and she can read mine too :-)
    Funny about that. :-)

    Bob, the selective mind reader

  3. It looks like there is room to the left of the loo for a cabinet - a stand up unit to hold towels etc.? What's done looks good and I especially like the running bond you did on the deck.

  4. Thanks Ralph.
    We just executed what she wanted :-)
    Yes, lots of room left over for a future cabinet perhaps?. There was a power line coming in on that side for the whirlpool we removed, so instead of pulling the wire all the way back out, we just installed a plug higher up on the wall. I suggested they used it to store rechargeable stuff like electric toothbrush, razor etc, and keep the vanity top uncluttered. In the end, it would be whatever they (she) decided :-)

    Bob, about to complete his 7th bathroom renovations. My first 6 were in our previous houses, including the one we are in, all 3 bathrooms.