Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Quick sneak into the shop

In between cleaning chores, I'm supposed to put up a clothes bar downstairs in order to effect more clearance spaces and mwa mwa mwa.... (sounds from Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang) or something like that ... :-)

While clearing the space, I came a across a set of LED puck lights, a left over from a renovation project in a previous house.
Hummm, I know where I could use that...

So I thought it would be a good idea to finish clearing that spot, check for obstruction, and hopefully be done with that project before she came back from a small errand :-)

Spaces is cleared, shims on top of studs cut clean, measured and roughed out light installation.

Required a 9/16 holes for the connectors clearances.

Hummm that made a bigger mess than I thought, 
better clean that up before she comes back!

Of course, I had to tried in the dark to see. Ohhhh ahhhh.
Yah, that will do just fine, like I thought.

Still haven't figured out quite yet how I am going to dress up the space, but I know the layout I want and how many glass shelves to put etc.
So in the mean time, since I'm not suppose to start anything, I'll just prime the area and called it done for now.

Oh, and since I came across these curious loopy coping saw blades, I thought I gave that a try
Strange system, instead of a small hole with a small cross pin inside (weakening the body of the blade)
These have a simple sharp loop on each ends (Sharp bend weaken blade body)
Questions are:
Would they be easy to fit on my Coping saw frame? YES
And how would it perform? Pretty good, in both hardwood and softwood. This is a Blade No 3, Medium
Would that bent loop hold under tension? So far , so good, too early to tell.
Normally for when in storage, I always remove the tension of my saw frames.
They only remain under tension when out to play on my bench. So that concern may be a mute point.

Regular pin blade installed

Loop blade installed 

Pretty clean cut in hardwood. Some blade polishing evident.

Not a bad cut in softwood (pine), but still cleaner in hardwood.

Anyway, that's it for now, I have a clothes bar to put up somewhere.
Where was that again? :-)

Bob, half kidding


  1. It would behoove you to remember exactly where it was going. Or a good story about how it's so much better in the place you did put it.

  2. I'm afraid I don't, historically, have had much luck in the "its better over-there" category :-)

    Bob, who can be forgetful at time. Anyone seen my glasses? I just had them...