Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Day one

Moving day...
First thing,  moved 2 beds and a large metal plant stand from our house to hers.

Ready to load.
Dropped the stuff to her house, picked up fridge and stove for the camp.
Unloaded fridge and stove at camp, picked up the older ones
 to drop at recycling depot.
All done, going back to meet Heather at Sue's place for supper.
When you see this Dave, noticed the operational coffee mug?
It's from 425 not 409 Sqn ;-)

Heather had a good supper prepared for us upon our return, then we went over what needed to be done in preparation for the upcoming inspections.

Back to her place. 
Looking out the back door, I spied that old trunk, dovetailed.
There is an even gap all around the joinery. 
Untold years of compression/expansion?
Noticed at the top two tails, someone long ago put a nail thru to keep it together.

She has a few antique pieces around the house, so I went looking at all the drawers I could see. :-)

This old one does not have dovetail construction on any of the drawers.
Still holding up pretty good for its age. 
The sides are simply nailed into a rabbet in the front piece.
Cut nail by the look of it. 
Flipping the writing surface down, reveals a bunch of small drawers.
Same construction details.
That small table look like it has a replacement drawer?
You may have noticed, that all these drawers have there bottom nailed on instead of being let into a groove. 
Very small pins, the top one is mostly worned away...
Yes, its a rough life, I tell you...
Noticed the U shaped depression in one of the cushion? 
Its Blue Bell spot...

Next day, demolition start...


  1. Bob have you got a pic of the 8 drawer desk - your picture #12. That looks like an interesting I have to build this.

  2. 9 with the large one under ;-).
    Sure no problems, while I'm here, I'll take some measurements and more photos.


  3. Any "secret compartment" between lower drawer and writing surface?

  4. Good question, I don't know. This piece is country primitive furniture, I would be surprised if there are. Will look and see :-)


  5. Hi Bob,
    that's interesting. I'm doing it the same way. Wherever I see some old furniture I'm starting to inspect and review them. How was the joinery done and which dirty tricks were used? Stuff like that.


  6. Hi Stefan.
    I cannot help myself, it drives my wife crazy :-)
    So much fun exploring furniture everywhere I go...