Sunday, July 26, 2015

Found some shop time...

My next week is looking like I'll be away from the shop for a while.
Got a few heavy pieces of furniture to move from house to a friend's camp (another one than I one we recently re-roofed) then help her turned her garage into living quarters, as per the county's inspection reports.

Nothing too big, but i'll keep me busy for a while :-)

Me working hard at the camp :-)

My friend has a shed there, but the darn squirrels keep chewing the power cord for the electric mower. Right at the plug, does not leave me much room to reconnect the wires!! I just happened to own the same mower, so I could test it on mine.

I fixed the electrical connections, tested it, then Heather 
did her magic with Sugru. 
It is a malleable glue that turn into rubber once fully dried (24 hrs).
She bought it to fix the upper dishwasher rack, worked like a charm...

So I thought I should see what I could start in the shop, while I gather my tools for the upcoming tasks.

That saw till, still need three drawers to finished it. Currently I put in stuff I foresee in those future drawers;

Saw sets, saw wrests .
Small jeweler saws, pad saws.
Bird mouth for the fret saw, miter guide for 
razor saw, small metal saw,

OK, so maybe I could scrounge the wood for those drawers with leftover currently in the shop?

Somewhere in there, must be stuff I could uses?
That look promising... 
Darn, I forgot about those dadoes, nothing 
for me to use in that piece!

Start ripping my chosen pieces, I need roughly 3-1/2 in wide stock for the drawers sides.
Small pieces are easy to secure for ripping. 
That Disston 26 in D8 is really a ripping machine.
A well sharpened and tuned saw is a joy to uses... 
Not bad, not perfect 90, but darn close.
The set is starting to wear a smidgen more on one side, that and/or, 
my wrist is slightly cocked. 
The surface left is pretty good too, for a fast 4.5 TPI saw plate!
Next one up is the Disston 24in  D12, Crosscut  10TPI.
6 side pieces and three back pieces, rough sized.
Now I need to figured out the front pieces. I have some left over Black American walnut, but I would have to resaw it thinner in order to do all three faces.
Besides I have lots of veneer, in prevision of doing some
 repair works on sewing machine cabinets :-) 

Not sure yet what I would use for the front, but I want to do something special, just for fun...

To be continued.... "-)


  1. It's a good thing you are resting up and conserving your energy. Maybe you should have had a beer too. Moving furniture burns up a lot of calories.

  2. It sure does!
    Not to worry, feeling refreshed :-)