Monday, February 19, 2018

Progress, small progress

With the BMM reassembled, I can now move around the shop easier.  So, next project to give me more room is to hang the Boring till. Ready or not, once hung, it will sure free up some space.

Some of these steps involved waiting in between, so.... make myself short daily list 4-5 items.

NO 1 Today was Finish the brace bits that soaked overnite in Evaporust.

I was so impressed the other day, how my BBM bit came out of the Evaporust, I have been dunking various bits in a variety of conditions from light rust mark to solid piece of rust. Pretty cool. Works great and practically sharphen itself in the process.

A very rusty Irwin type bit.
The other one still has plating
 but light surface rust

Two basket case nose bits?

The 4 bits out of Evaporust 

Top one was the rusty one.
Bottom one was the plated one after a few minutes with Rust eraser fine. 

Both bits after rust eraser 

That nose bit has a damaged edge but it makes no difference to its operations 

Nice edge were it matter

A good bit salvaged

NO 2 was to scrape the wooden balls on the BBM.  The nights before I put on some wood filler, yesterday put some gel epoxy in the crack, today it was time to scraped them.

Only thing left is a lite sanding, then decide on a stain (thinking darker color) to both hide my gap fillings and for esthetics ....

Wood filler for all the deep scratches and dings

That one is a deep crack

Used a 5 mins gel epoxy

Scraped, ready for a
light sanding, then stain

NO 3 was to attach the upper part of the French cleat. It is to be screwed and glued to the main carcasse.

Carcasse empty, all the brace bits are removed, some of the bits took a bath in Evaporust

Prepare to trim pieces to length

Used my Sweet Sweden Miter box

Yes, im working on the floor...

And done. Now we wait again

In between, took some time to investigate the frame....

Square up front

Same here 

Hum my eyes were not lying...
I can squeeze it almost square

That side is definitively bowing out

That one straight up

Hummm definitively got some butt scratching on that one.  All the tenons are sitting tight in their mortise??

It is now time for a coffee break, last part on my list is clean up....

Bob, making small but steady progress...


  1. The wooden handles are one of the weak points of the general design. Beamborers are top heavy and the handles take the brunt of most tumbles. If you need this as an option, a few years back I drilled and tapped the iron axles and replaced with larger handles and secured with socket capscrews and flat washers.

  2. Bob,

    Working on the floor? Good on you, if I tried to do the same it would take MsBubba and a couple of neighbors to get me back upright.