Saturday, February 10, 2018

Beam Boring Machine restoration Part 4

...The metal bits

Last part we left with some of the pieces soaking with Krud Kutter (degreaser, cleaner)

Out of the bath, they were covered in a soft goo, took a metal scraper (AKA screwdriver) to removed most of it, then finished with the steel wire brush.

The two parts that were soaking, after scraping and brushing

After cleaning the bucket with soapy water (used Dawn liquid soap, good enough for wildlife after a fuel spill, good enough for my use...)
It was then time for a soak in Evaporust.

Took almost all of my 4 Ltr container, to cover the parts

The side slides (2) were gently scrubbed with the, by now, "dry" blue scrubby.

Not sure I want to paint these. They have some sort of blued finish on them??
I may just clean and wax them. Will see.

After supper managed to sneaked in another hour or so, got my two pieces out of the Evaporust, brushed, rinsed then heated with my heat gun. After a short while, went over the pieces with the dry blue scrubby to eliminate traces of flash rust if present.

The parts after all that, awaiting to be thouroughly dry before primer...Tomorrow??

Evidences of file works on the pinion's rack. 
Cast Steel not cast iron

The main frame, cast iron, has some flashing
 left around some edges, could uses some file work

The tool used, my heat gun and the Blue scrubby

The scene tonite, when I quitted...

And even managed one small step toward my Post Beam drill, got the cement 6X6 footing block, roughly in position in the corner I previously cleared...
The beam, is staying put for now, kind of make a handy bench for my metal bits.

That cement footing is amazingly heavy..!!!

Bob, who still managed to get dirty while wearing gloves, go figures.
Said he, while scratching his fore head... :-)


  1. Bob,

    Are you going all 'Whole Earth" and flashing back to the 60's? It's a slippery slope, first beam boring machines, then building an off grid cabin, finally a Patchouli jones.

    What does Rudy think of all this,


  2. Bob you lost me with the heat gun and the blue scrubbie. How are the used for cleaning? The scrubbie I get, the heat gun I don't.

  3. Patchouli Jones?? Not sure I know what this mean (I must be young :-)
    BUt no, only goi g unplugged in my hand tool shop

    Bob, the galoot

  4. The heat gun, I used like your hair dryer, but on steroids. I have been known to kill a certain hair dryer before so when I replaced hers, I was also encouraged to buy a heat gun... for some reasons that escape me right now :-)
    Used after the rinse off the Evaporust bath


  5. Bob,

    Back in the day when I was young and good looking (yeah, Right) well young anyway. Patchouli incense was one of the favorites to hide the source of your illegal smile.