Sunday, February 11, 2018

Beam Boring Machine restoration Part 5

Painting, finally

No big whoop, just the first two pieces that I have been working on, the remaiders of parts still await cleaning...

You can see the crude flashing left on the bottom sides

Once satisfied that my parts were dried overnite and last minute checking for rust or crud left over, the pinion rack piece was first to get primer, followed by the main casting after touching up some of the crude flashing pieces with a file. Not to erase them all, just to cleaned them up enough to ensure a good paint adhesion.

The journal areas and seating post were taped over to avoid paint on these surface. They will later be scraped and filed flat as required.

After both pieces were dried enough, and the smell dissipated in the house after opening a few windows :-)
Took both piece outside in the covered porch entrance to the basement, for their final coat.
With today high of +9C, I am not too worry for them to stay another 20 mins or so before I can bring them back inside.

And back inside, back coat done

This little experiment has convinced me to wait until Spring and good weather before attempting to paint my big Post Drill :-)

The first coat of glossy black will happen tomorrow

Meanwhile following the results of this experiments, the remainders metal pieces will all follow a similar treatments, except that not all the hardware will get painted.

Once all these parts are cleaned, derusted and some finish applied, I could begin re-assembling the BBM and give it a test drive.  I just happened to have an overlong 6X6 inch beam on the floor :-)

Bob, left with a smelly nose.

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