Thursday, February 22, 2018

Divide and conquer...

Now that the BBM is “mobile” around the shop, I was able to clear my bench and dry mounted the boring till in place. I wanted it to be in line with the top of the big plane cabinet on the other side of the window.  Measured and put a mark on the wall and window trim.
In place and just resting on the mallets & hammer’s top on its rack, put it in, at just about the right height.  Maybe max 1/4 in lower as is?

Took a few pics for references and tested my reach around it. There are obviously no tool racks installed yet, but the two pieces of painting tape on it are, were they will go.
It’s a bit high, but I am  a Six footer...

With the bench top cleared and cleaned, you just knew it was asking for Crapolla on its horizontal surface ...
With Spring around the corner, Jean is itching to start growing from seeds. That of course will commandeer most horizontal surfaces downstairs in my Man cave.

So good time as any to start cataloging all my recent acquisitions, that would clear a couple of tables downstairs. Problems has long been, no room to bring them in the shop.

I started by rounding up the planes on my bench. Tight fit, there are some overflow spilling over around.

Next I can see that  my tool chest is in dire need of a clean up

The Woden jack and a rare Stanley....

The rarely seen Stanley Bullnose Smoother :-)

These planes I own for a while

They almost all fits...

A grouping of woodies

For size comparison, my small Infill smoother

With all these gone I was able to spread the remainders from nearby tables on the top.

Now, it may seems a bit much, but not all of these are recents or new acquisitions, some of these tools I had for a while. It just that they were used in previous work or blogs.
Now my bigger problem is, with my main PC still kaput, I have no access to my files. I could go and buy a new one, but that still wont let me access my files. My son is coming over to help me get it back to life, between the two of us (probably mainly him :-) we should be able to resurrect it.

In the mean time, I just lumped them together for mug’s shots, to be used later to figured out what has been recorded and what has not yet.  No, I do not record consumable (hardware, sand papers etc) but whatever I had around is round up for further dispatching...

After all the appropriate marshalling and dispatching, I shall return to the Boring till. Incidentaly, while the upper cleat is on the cabinet, the lower part and the lower spacer have yet to be fastened to the wall. These little things I can do in between burst of tool’s inventories.  And yes, I have a back up copy of my files, but they dont read on my Ipad or smart phone...

Gotta love technology !!?
Apple and Blogger do not like to play nice together, so I start typing my blog on my Ipad, but it wont let me see my pics. I then go to my smart phone to load the pics, which then makes the draft too big for Ipad, I can only see so far down, so back to smart phone for most corrections... &$#@*

Bob, who miss his PC but only so much...


  1. My name is Bob...

    It is a never ending fight. I keep telling myself I don't need any more tools, that I need to sell or give away half of those I own and then I hear a sweet calling of my name.

    How old is your computer? My Mac is going on six years and is starting to do some funky things like being slow to wake up. I expect if it is not replaced soon I will join your club.


  2. ... and I have a tool problem :-) that computer is getting old, it was purchased after the crash of 2009, humm yah, overdue. It did get a couple upgrades thru the years though. I have been thinking for a while i should stop buying tool and buy a new fangled PC. I was also thinking, i should back up soon before... oups, shit!

    Bob, the old computer service manager and ISSO who knew better but prefer the workmanship of risk. Thats my story, sticking to it :-)