Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Rudy fashion show

At  Stefan and more of my reader's requests, here is a short pictorial post on Rudy various outfits.

You will note that Rudy and I shared some matching outfits, that is no accident, that was my wife sense of humour :-)

Rudy is a Chinese Crested hairless and as such he need protection from both the cold and the sun, hence why he is always wearing a shirt then dress appropriately for the weather, raincoat, jacket, parka etc.

His first outfit was his little Elvis jacket han han han

He was 4 months old when we first got him.
He has long outgrown it.

His all time favourite toy, his stuffed monkey

His next outfit was a pink shirt with the logo "BTW I have to download". 
It was the only shirt I found around here that fit him. That may have been the start of a trend of finding matching outfits :-)

Heather and her baby companion

This past January I got permission to bring him in the hospital to see her.
Just in time, by the time I had all the paperwork's required she was discharged the next day...

Then found another shirt locally, a grey one this time.

Although his shirt is clearly labelled "The boss" I don't think that Matt's cats 
are able to read, because the cats ran the show at Christmas :-)

At Christmas Heather got a gift card for, courtesy of Ralph's wife Diane. She could not spend it at so had to find something that they would ship here. That is where Heather found lots of Rudy's outfits: Polo shirt, Hawaiian shirt etc. Delivered straight to our door from China....

Rudy's Orange Polo shirt

Rudy's Blue Polo shirt

Rudy's green Polo shirt

Rudy's Red Polo shirt.
I don't have a matching red one in my wardrobe...

Rudy's lumberjack or Plaid shirts. I only have a matching red one...

Rudy and Heather matching stripped shirt

Rudy's California shirt

Rudy's Hawaiian shirt

Rudy's dress shirt and tie :-)

Yes, that was quite a few outfits he got from Diane :-)

He also got a Roots rain coat, courtesy of his Cousin Judy

Also, I believe, from his cousin Judy he got that Zebra jacket

Rudy's Zebra jacket, notice how he blends in the decor :-)

And from our local pet store I got him a fleece pajama and his red pooch Polar jacket.

He love this outfit.

When he has to go out, he goes and wait on his stool by the patio door.
He figured this out all my himself.
Rudy's Pooch Polar parka. Yes, I cleared away a path for him in the winter.

He often wear his fleece jammys under to cover his butt better

And there you go, that was Rudy's fashion show, hope you enjoyed.

Next I'll kick my ass if I have to and get myself back into the shop...
Its not for the lack of projects it is just that I cant find the motivation right now... :-(



  1. Very nice! Even without a runway, he does well!!!!

  2. LOL 8th pics from bottom.
    What palm trees dont do it ? :-)

  3. That is really funny, Bob. Even funnier is that before I read what you wrote about the first outfit I thought to myself "Elvis!" Then I read you called it his Elvis jacket. I was laughing out loud.

  4. Bob,

    Only problem I see....No gravy stains or swarf stains from wiping off sharpened tools. As I've said before Rudy dresses much better than I do.


  5. Matt and Paul
    Thanks, yes a dog is a great help to get thru a bout of depression.
    As for a future shop dog, Rudy has not been allowed downstairs yet, way too much stuff for him to get quickly in trouble (it only takes him about 5 sec unsupervised :-) But he will eventually graduate to be my full fledged shop dog.

  6. Ken
    LOL, yes he probably dress better than me too :-)
    He is currently wearing his shirt with tie :-)

    Bob, who found it difficult to figured out what to put on when I awake, for years it was too easy, my uniform! Now, it requires some thought... hummm