Saturday, June 25, 2016

The slowest build...

I would like to say that things are progressing on the boring till, and there are...but at a glacial pace...

I started on it in earnest on May 21st, getting down my requirements then figured out my dimensions. After a few last minutes changes, I ''finalized'' my design on the 24 of May, then two days later, I cut and machined my frame pieces.

If you look closely, you can see the knot at the end on the top piece

It was not until the 19 of June that I finally cut the pieces to final length. I previously cut them slightly longer in order to have some fudge factor for the final in situ size.

That was the maximum size I will entertain with this space.
I decided to cut it back a bit. I look a bit too large

 Once I was satisfied that my new till would fit its intend location, I could then cut the dovetail pins on the long side pieces (2), then on the 22nd I cleaned the joint half, ready to transfer my pins on the side pieces.

Me getting away using the dining room table...

I was going to finished them on the 23rd, but by then I realized I somehow missed a big knot smack on the end of one of my side board, not good...

How the heck did I miss that earlier??
Where it land would give me lots o trouble it has to go!

So yesterday, Friday,  cut off that knot, which means my final dimension would be a tad smaller than anticipated, but still close enough to my experiments sizes that I'm not worry about making it hold the tools I have in mind (always subject to last minutes changes of mind anyway :-)

It is not because I'm slacking off, I just had a myriads of things vying for my attention... besides Rudy!

Rudy helping me with my house inspection

First there was my annual walk around inspection of the house, looking at how the paint and caulking survived the winter and etc.
There always seems to be small spots here and there, and this year was no exceptions, the front get the worse of sun and wind, there are always some spots that have the beginning of paint peeling. These I scrapped then prime and paint.
These spots were a lot smaller before I scrapped them

We are going thru a heat wave right now, so that limit my opportunity window for painting. You should not paint when it is too cold, nor too hot.
Followed the weather forecast for a while and managed to squeeze it in, all my spots are done. And then there are the multiples flower beds that need cleaning and new plants etc, etc...

Done for another year...

Did more executor stuff, pretty well all done, the only remaining items are shopping for house and car insurance (in progress) and select a suitable headstone... After I pay for the funeral, ouch!
And I finally got my car fixed, ($521 later, I hate rodents!)
My paperwork for my veteran plate came back, got my vet plate on the car.
Some of my civilian friends asked me if I was worry about advertising my military background in the wake of all these terrorists attack.
Oct 2014, a lone gunman shot dead one of our sentry at our national war memorial in Ottawa then storm the parliament building, he was shot dead by the Sgt at arms for parliament. And shortly before that another member in uniform was run down in a parking lot in St Jean Qc.

This editorial cartoon in the Halifax Chronicle from Bruce McKinnon resonated around the country. The signed original has been given to the family of Cpl Nathan Cirillo 

Hell NO, I may be retired but I'm still dangerous.. Don't let the gray hair fools you :-)
Ever see the movie R.E.D.  with Bruce Willis ?
Thread lightly on vets :-)

This Sunday, Rudy and I are attending one of the three celebrations of life for Heather.
The first one being in Halifax, organized by the members of her African Violets society in the city.

The next one would be held right here in my house on Canada day ( Jul 1st), then the last one, still in planing stages, would be in Ottawa. So all that to say, that I am not expecting to finish this boring till this month.... Unless there are 90 plus days in June... (Inside joke about the build a chair in the month off Jun..ish)
Which reminds me, I better get off my butt and decided what I'm gonna build for that event...
I thought I had a suitable piece of pine for the seat blank, but it is not thick enough, may have to laminate some stock. So will I be able to finish that chair project this month? Well has long as this June is as long as the last one, then yes!
Right Brian? :-)

Bob, hoping to get some clearing done in the garage...


  1. It's always something getting in the way of doing what you want to do. Chores, events, pets, etc. As long as you make some headway ...

  2. Hi Matt
    Yap, slow progress, but progress...
    Here's hoping your project proceed faster than mine... :-)

  3. Although things are moving at the glacial pace, you are in fact still moving forward. Each day that you get working on another project, you can look back and marvel how far that you have come. I think because you are such a handyman that you will get this all done a lot sooner than you might even think possible.

    Essie Reed @ Valley Home Improvement