Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Found some tools in my garage ...

I have spent the last two days sweating it out in the garage, trying to regain some sorely needed spaces, from the chaos it has became in the last year....

Moved stuff outside so I can walk around the table saw

Ah, there it is. Found it! I thought I had a Unisaw somewhere in there :-)

The Radial Arm Saw resides temporarily on top of it
until I decides what to do with it. The cardboard box on top? 
That's my portable spray booth :-)

Yah, I know lots of room for more downsizing/turfing...
But at least I can now walk around it, bonus

That poor jointer is starting to rust. 
Its grand time I attend to my cast iron surfaces 
in the garage and protect them. TS, RAS, Bandsaw, Jointer, DP

I think that for now, I'll just spray them with a liberal coat of WD-40 until I get "Round-To-It".
Also came across more handsaws (imagine that :-) and a few more tools I have not seen in a while.

Now I have an accumulating pile of stuff awaiting a truck for the dump, that, and a few boxes of donation and etc. Once these are gone, I will them continue with my late Spring clean up.

How warm is it around here now? My grass is turning yellow and crunchy, there is a burn ban all over Nova Scotia right now.

Bob, sweating buckets, man it is getting warm, but heh, not complaining, it could be snowing :-)


  1. I feel your pain. It can be difficult. What helped me was for the better part of 10 years I lived in a small 1 bedroom condo that is roughly the size of my current garage. It forced me to downsize and donate many good items. When my wife and I were looking for homes, my biggest requirement was for a three car garage. I wasn't woodworking at the time but I knew I would be. It helps me control the chaos. Also, I found a local company that installs overhead racks in the garage so we can store many boxes of holiday decorations. That helped considerably.

  2. LOL, for us it was need a two car garage minimum :-)
    I thought a few times about overhead storage, but then, I'm thinking, if its for seldom used stuff (besides the obvious Xmas stuff) do I really need to even keep storing it? So far so good, but still need to get rid of more stuff for sure. I now like small shop, force you to rationalize more :-)

    Bob, re inventing his power shop yet again

  3. Oh, and just maybe, the car could sleep inside and avoid more @#^%& rodent's nest in the car. That would be a first since we had cars and garages :-)

  4. Good Rudy isn't in uniform doing a snap command inspection

  5. You know that was exactly what it felt like, sweating and all :-)
    We went for ice cream after, well deserved Rudy

  6. Ahhh, I remember when I had a two car garage and could park a car in it and still have a shop ... Alas, that is just a memory now. But like you said Bob, it forced me to become more organized (and got me into hand tools).

  7. 3 of our last 4 houses had 2 cars garage, the fourth a single car one, but the cars rarely seen the inside, just if I had to for repairs. I no longer work on my cars, so problems solved :-)