Sunday, June 19, 2016

Update on boring till and etc.

My car has now 4 new rubbers on, new springs up front and four new shocks installed.  Yes, following that pot hole from hell, last summer in Boston,  I ended up rebuilding the suspension. The shocks absorber did not needed replacement at that time, but I figured they have over 100,000 Kms lets get them done now and should be good for as long as I keep this car.
Barring anymore Massachusetts's size pot holes, that should last me till I trade the car in a few years, I would like to enjoy a few years without car payments thank you.

My car sitting on three wheels and my emergency tire on the front passenger side...

AC "complaint" was addressed, simply needed a recharge, no leaks. the car is now road worthy for long trips and Rudy is getting used to wearing his safety harness in the car.

And then the car start running like crap and when starting it tells me that my engine is overheating???? WTF, they troubleshoot and stated that my thermostat (heat sensor) in the engine head was kaput. Parts came in, left the car at the dealer drove off in a courtesy car, then they called back...
Its not the sensor, it's the wiring ... They found a large rodent nest under the engine shroud cover, the little rascal had been busy... @#^&&*$ need new parts, sigh
The car is now driveable short local distances, no engine heat indication so the computer goes in "no heat mode" meaning no AC available, crap...

My PC at home is giving me fits, with Google Chrome, if I found a rodent nest inside my PC I am going to declare war on these little rodents. And if anyone thinks that chipmunks or squirrels are cute, just remember that they are still rodents, basically a rat with a fluffy tail!
My next project??? :-)

In the mean time a good friend has suggested to me that I should set aside one hour each day to do what I enjoyed the most, woodworking. Go spend an hour each day in the shop! If nothing else, if I do that at the base woodshop, I'll also will get to meet fellows woodworkers and get the distractions I need.
So, starting Saturday, I thought, why not? Lets give this a try.

For my first time, I brought my carcass pieces for the boring till.
Although I had previously written that it was " quick work to dovetail the carcass" I did not do it yet when I started drafting that post, and I never gotten around to finish it. Today is the day, lets move on!

So I did, and in that hour-ish time I spent there with Rudy, there was nobody else, so no big bad machinery working, just me working by hand on my dovetails.
It was a tad ironic, the bench I was using still had our router's dovetail jig set up along with a photocopy of the instructions set besides... and here I am chopping mine by hand :-)

So managed to make some small progress, should be able to finish assembling that boring till carcass soon

Sorry no pics, I forgot my camera :-(

Bob and Rudy, working as a team.
Rudy does the final trim to size by chewing the ends of boards which I then true up with my shooting board :-)


  1. Bob, I haven't laughed so hard in a long time when I saw the squirrel catapult. Good idea to get some shop time and getting back to the boring till. The only problem was you thought you might get to talk to some other woodworkers and were there by yourself! Oh well ...

  2. Hi Matt
    Glad you had a good laugh :-)
    When search it on Youtube there are no shortage of squirrels catapults for some reasons??
    Ya, I did not expect many people at the wood shop on a Saturday PM, we are getting into posting season and summer activity for the next 2 months are pretty well none existant.