Thursday, May 26, 2016

Boring till pieces machined

Wednesday, I managed to make a dent in my to do list.
Yes fans, even after a love's one passed away, the Honey do list is still in effect :-)
One of these resulted in a bureaucratic catch 22.
We had everything listed as co-owner, so I had to changed the car's title.
But as soon as I declared her dead, I now have to change the plate on my car, if I want to drive away from here..... So I figure if I must changed plates may as well get veteran plates, but hold on sport fans, that require being vetted by the Royal Canadian Legion (of which I am a member) but that won't happen right now, so I got regular plates on, to be replaced by my vet plates once authorized, and getting a refund for the unused portion of the old plate I shared with Heather ..... Allright, what I thought would be a short visit at my local Provincial government office took a bit more time than I thought... Then a few more hours at the local Federal government office

After checking on Rudy, who was spending time with his doggy friends at a friend's place, it was time to start my shift at the wood shop. A quick stop home to gather my dimensions, off I went to the base woodshop.  In no time I had the pieces machined to make my till frame.

The four side pieces machined and the remainder of the board I bought.

That of course would be dovetailed by hand.
NO I did not took Rudy in the shop, way too noisy and dangerous for him.

Back home, with Rudy, I tried two pieces on the wall for sizing, it fit, just, above the pegboard in place, but I am pretty sure that area under the window is going to be modified shortly... :-)

This is how a 32 in piece fit.
And that is as big as I wanna get.
I may still shave off an inch or two,,,

More stuff picked away at my list, mostly stuff I could not do at the local Federal government office, they apparently don't talk to the tax dept and passport office etc ???
These you do on line or via old fashion phone with muzak on hold for eons............your call is important to us, please stay on the line in order not to loose your priority in the cue... Zzzzzzzzzz

After tweaking my pieces to my final, final, final dimensions. Who me keep changing my mind !??
It was quick work dovetailing a 6 in wide box.
Then come the fun part...
Finalize my holders.  That of course would imply that I settled down which ones are going where.
Hummm, still don't want to customized the holders too much to specific tools, but regardless these holders are to be simply screw in from the back, so I can further customize down the road :-)

Had the car in for tire changes, 2 new ones, somehow they got the wrong sizes in ?? They will called me back tomorrow when the right size comes in...
Then Monday back to the dealership to have my suspension rebuilt. That darn pot hole from hell I hit in Boston last year sure took its toll on the car, so far I replaced two tires, both front spring, now replacing the last two tires and the shock absorbers. They say they still OK, but they are getting long in the tooth, so may as well replace them and see if there is anymore damages, four wheels alignments and check my AC, it doesn't seems to be very cold anymore, recharge?
All that to get the car ship shape for travelling this summer, with Rudy
There goes a big hole in my tool budget :-(

Bob, making small progress on many fronts


  1. Bob, with all that you've had to do, it's amazing you got any shop time at all. But it's good to have the distraction of a woodworking project.

  2. And that is exactly why I'm doing this, woodworking and blogging thingy. Still in the military we often get more done by 0800 :-)

    Bob, who has his ups and downs but will get thru this with Rudy

  3. Bob,

    As I have posted before, there is always room at Casa Chaos if you get this way during your summer travels.


  4. Hi Bob,
    curious to see your tool holders. Actually I'm dealing around with two braces on the bench. And they are always in the way. Think I have to care about it somehow.


  5. Bob, I love your collection of boring tools. It is impressive to say the least. I am still trying to find a breast drill for my collection. Which ones do you rate highest? As you know it will need to deal with very hard wood that I work with mostly.
    All the best my friend.

  6. Hi Gerhard
    As far as breast drills goes, for your intended "hard" timbers I strongly recommend a two speed models. There are lots of variation on the similar design exhibited by the MF No 12, pull the gear off and move it to a different hole to engage inner gear. You would appreciate the two speeds (different gear ratios, I think mine are 1 to 1 and 3 to 1?) Around here they seems to go for between CDN $34-42. Since buying mine I came across two more...


    1. Hey Bob

      The price sounds good to me. I fully agree on the type of drill. The two speed Goodell Pratt no. 5 1/2B I have works by far the best of the hand drills I have so far. If you come across another two speed breast drill version, please let me know.

      Thanks again for the help and camaraderie.

  7. Hi Stefan
    I had the same problem for eons, brace in the way on the bench... Years ago I buld a small stand alone holder to hold two brace, which I used on the bench. Works, but my holder was a bit tipsy, ended up fastening on the bench. It is the one I used as a model to make my spokeshave holders on my first plane till.
    This boring till will consolidate all the tools I need and clear my bench...
    Now if I could just find the motivation to go back into my shop :-(