Monday, May 23, 2016

Boring till design set...

... In Jello.

Today I was planing on checking off a few more boxes on my executor's to do list, but I forgot...Today is a holiday, Victoria day, sooo banks are closed, government offices and  post office, so much for that! When you are retired every weekend is a long weekend, so...I don't pay much attention to "holidays"

Took Rudy out for a drive nonetheless and he got to sniff out the
base woodshop :-) I put in for a supervisor shift this coming Wednesday.

The more I thought about Stefan suggestion, holding the hand drills by their chucks not the doggy treats part :-)
The more I think it would be better for easier access/retrieval

So hanging from their chucks it is. Only thing is they all have various chucks sizes an clearances under, so it would look like they are going to have dedicated locations. Similarly, the only brace which would not fit into my brace holder is my English plated brace, so it would also necessitated a dedicated spot.

My only hand drill which will not hang by its chuck is my MF Buck Rogers one, its chuck is not bigger than the body. Would require a different strategy to hang in there.

Rudy leaving the scene...What no more treats? 
I'm going to chew on your shoes or something!

Since I need to increase my spacing's for the hand drills, I will have to seriously give some thought to which ones to store in there, since that reduces my available space. And the more I thought about putting the bits on hinged panels in front of them, the more I don't like it since that would negate seeing my drills in the open, which is after all one of the main design consideration for my open tills storage.

Yes, I know, open storage is bad for rust but I want to see my tools, some have been tucked away in boxes far too long, I want to see them!

The highlite of my days is to relax with a cold one while admiring my tools in the late evenings, so there! Besides being a handtools only shop, I'm not too worry about sawdust, I mostly makes wood shavings and chips. I will concede however that you cannot avoid some dust  and yes, I have to dust my tools once in a while. But since the whole idea is to rotate them in and out of long term storage, they get handled enough to spot the dust before it causes any damages.
So think what you want, I'm sticking with open storage... Just realized that it does have this drawback. I thought however to cover them with a drop clothe if/when I'm going away for a period of time on travel.

Another drawback is, if I customize too much the holders for specific tools, It negate being able to rotated them easily in and out of storage when their turn to come out to play has arrived.

So in the end, I'm balancing the aesthetic look with practicality. This will determine my final dimensions required. I also need a bit more than 27 inches high as figured out with my template and the depth would be 6 inches.

BTW in yesterday post I talk about my template being 27 in wide by 25 in high, it is more correctly 25 wide X 27 in high! I went back and corrected that post.
Somehow I transplanted these numbers but I did labelled the up part correctly on my cardboard template, so I did in fact play along the right dimensions with my tools layout.

My final outside dimensions are then:
A rectangular box, 25 in width X  30 in high X 6 in deep

I now need to finalize my holder's muck up strategies, while I go ahead and start machining my side pieces, joinery would of course be dovetailed. The holders would simply be screwed in from the back (plywood).

At the bottom of the till, there would be two rows of holder, the rear one, standing higher, would hold push drills etc, the front one will hold small bits and accessories.

So here is a preliminary look at what I have in minds. Mind(s) ?? Yes, in both my military and civilian minds :-)

Drawn not to scale and will contain more tools :-)
Yes, those braces would appears to be Rudy sizes :-)

The way I look at this shop re-organization effort, once complete, if a tool does not fit in the wall in front of my bench (in my various tills) I probably have no need for it... or very rarely. That wall of tools (Tm) contains more than enough tools :-)... Oh and that leave three more walls (insert biggest grin here)

Bob and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat workshop, where tools appears magically out of nowhere to be displayed :-)


  1. Well, it' coming along. I'm not sure how you handle the rotation of tools and make the holders flexible so they can hold different tools. Sounds like a good challenge.

  2. Bob,

    Sure you do not need a few saws? It would be nice to get 'em off my wall onto yours :-).

  3. Bob,
    why not make the door a 'box' so that you can hang some in there and some in the interior. Put a glass panel in it and you can also see into it.

  4. yeahhhh, I thought of it, but not sure how that will look besides the other tills. Would not want to have a clash of styles don't we? :-)
    And to be effective, I could not hang much if any in it...
    But it would keep the dust at bay and drilling is not something I reach for often into a project, so I could live with that. Buuut all these ideas take away from my stated indulgence: Having a cold one while admiring my tools...

  5. Ken, if you must send me saws, make sure you let me know the postage cost first.
    Do I need anymore saws? And your point would be?? :-)
    Jokes asides that would me along with my son's kits
    Bob, reasoning with himself :-)

  6. Hi Matt
    Yeah I know that is my biggest dilemma right now. I don't want to customized them too much, want to retain flexibility, but in the end they have top hold whatever I want to use.
    But in the end, these holders are simply screw in from the back of the cabinet so I can change them down the road as need dictate.