Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hold the press...

Just when I thought my jello was firming up, I had a brain fart!

I thought it would be nice to incorporate at least one breast drill into it.
Well that monstrosity is taking lots of room, so no problem, we will just "stretch" the box taller if required...

All-right Buster, Stefan said there would be treats involved

So where are they??

I find that sometimes, what seems like a bright idea after a few pints, turned out no so great in the morning with coffee... Humm, maybe I need stronger coffee??

So following Stefan's advice, I got Rudy his treats... 
To save the tools from being munched on :-)
Now that new layout is about 4 feet long.

4ft mark hit just under my current pegboard.
That is a tad bigger that I was first envisioning...

Lets be sure to leave room for my monkey Dad!

See it fit right in there.

Since I solved your dilemma, I think I deserve one more treat...

Sooo, I think I will split this till in two parts, first one holding only Breast drill (1), braces (4), handrills (5).
The remainders, pushdrills and small accessories will go into another smaller one mounted in front of the bench, under the window. That means re-organizing that area, yet one more time... I could also organize/displays my brace bits and etc in that area.

But at any rate, I am impatient (who me?) so tomorrow during my supervisor's shift on the base, I'm cutting my pieces for my re-re-revised boring till.

Bob, designing on the fly with inputs from Rudy.  Must find a better place for Rudy's monkey...


  1. Have you tried to placing them horizontally?

  2. The braces especially, take way too much room horizontally.
    The remainders about the same space, but it would be easier and more natural to just reach out and grab it vertically


  3. You can place the braces horizontally and hang them in multiples on the same brackets. I think you will find that it's a much better use of wallspace.

  4. Hi Potomacker

    Thanks for the tip.
    I tried that but it violates two of my design criterias:
    I want full visibility of each tools and easy access/retrieval. I don't like fishing for a brace buried a few deep.
    Good idea thought you can really pile them up that way, I know, I done that once in a previous shop.


  5. Bob,

    Rudy dresses better than i but then that doesn't take much.

    I keep looking at making new wall cabinets to replace and supplement the old pocket screw and biscuit joined plywood ones now on the shop walls. Only problem is every time I get deep in the weeds it makes my head hurt. "I need this to fit here but no it can't because that goes there"......"Just forget it, the old ones are not that bad." Rinse and repeat, been going on for over a year. Good on you for doing something other than dithering.


  6. LOL Ken, I know were you are coming from, been doing that for a long time too :-)
    Now that I am retired I have no more excuses...
    BTW Rudy got a different outfit today, his Hawaiian shirt :-)


  7. Hi Bob,
    sorry I just saw it. I had pretty busy business days the last couple of weeks.
    I had to laugh about the nice pictures of Rudy. Seems that the doggy treats ensure distraction and you can do some layout work.
    How sweet that he wanted to have his toy included in your layout.
    Next pic has definitely to show the Hawaiian shirt.

  8. NO sweat Stefan, life gets in the way sometimes...
    Rudy is quite attached to his little stuffed monkey, he takes it to bed every nite :-)
    That was his first toy, he got more since, but monkey is still his favorite. I posted Rudy's fashion shows on Facebook, maybe ill do a short pictorial blog entry on Rudy's outfits :-)