Thursday, May 19, 2016


I still got lots of executor stuff to complete but in the mean time I try to keep myself occupied... To me that often meant, go find tools... Hours of distractions ahead, researching and evaluating my objects of desires AKA my new lumps of rust :-)

As the weather is finally showing strong hints of cooperation, the yard sales are starting to sprout along with my usual local tool enablers new inventory...

Well... so in between trips to and from, I brake for yard sales that appears promising for tools, I quickly scanned Kijjiji ads and visited my local haunts.

So today in my trip with Rudy to the city, to pick up yet another...gasp... miter box :-)

Rudy checking the loot we brought back

The saw has an etch on it. It is a monster 27in + (probably a 28)
X 4 in and 5/8 (was probably a full 5 in new) 

Only apology is the small curlie at the bottom of the handle is cracked.
 Easy fix.

Yes it is a Disston

And here is why I just had to have it... It is the elusive MF Langdon No 24 :-)

I did a few pit stops at LV and Busy Bee. Also scored another Kijjiji find, a Yankee No 135A complete in the box with instruction sheet and spare bits.
Yah, I know, I don't need another one... except...

Also recently pick up a old Millers Falls No 12 Breast drill, a couple of Jorgensen hand clamps and a rarely seen AH Reid pushdrill model.

She has been degunked, had a quick bath in Evaporust and sprayed with WD-40,.
Ready for storage until she comes back for a final clean/tune-up.

I got two of these for $10

Here is something seldom seen. if you google AH Reid push drill you will come up with the more often encountered low knob design

I have yet to see one without this splitting crack on the spindle.
The usual repair found, is to wrap a string or wire around it. 
Perfectly serviceable.

That No 12 drill took a lot of my Evaporust so I bought a big jug this time, I have a few things cueing up in the line for a bath in it.

I meant to build a proper turning saw ever since Gramercy put out their kits, finally got around to buy it, a project for later.

Finally as I was moving around the Lagdon mitre box it occur to me that for its diminutive size (the No 24 is a small one) it is very heavy!!! No cast aluminum on this bad boy, all cast iron and steel.

In case you are wondering, it is missing both adj depth stop and 
the front post is missing its sliding plate.

Heavy casting, weigh a few pounds...

That should keep me occupied for a little while: Research, evaluation, clean up, re-hab, looking up parts, sharpening etc...
Its a good thing.

Never cease to amazed me what I can unearth locally....

Bob, sipping wine, updating tool's files.


  1. haven't figured out how to set up my google acct so am "anonymous", Cory is sipping wine as well, glad Rudy is interesting in your "tooling" & hoping your executor duties are not too complex or drawn out

  2. Nah i dont think my duties are neither too complex or drawn out, just bureaucracy...
    LOL Eric, sip some wine it will be easier to set up :-)

    Bob, running out of wine...

  3. Going uptown Bob? What happened to the blue labeled libations?

  4. With all the visitors lately, I ran out ...
    not to fear, rust always cheers me up :-)

  5. Bob,

    I'm trying to rid my shop of some of the rust.....Anything you are looking for, maybe a saw or dozen?