Thursday, June 15, 2017

Happy Birthday Rudy....:-)

Today, June the 15th, Rudy turn 2 years old... He is a big boy now...well :-)
He had a long day, car rides, with me, with Jean, got to play, and licked :-), the grand kids etc..

The birthday boy

I'll just stay there and play with my bone

That would taste better with ice cream dad...

Its kind of chewy, but it is not refreshing enough...

Oh, is that cake and ice cream for me???

Oh yeah, you know I want it....

In his short life with us, he has helped me a lot. I now realized that he was as much for me than for Heather, she knew me too well :-)

He has adapted well to his new mommy, to say that he adore Jean would be an understatement... I trust he is a good judge of character so Jean is a keeper :-)

For a small dog he can sure let his presence in bed known ...

Bob and Jean,  wishing Rudy, a happy birthday


  1. Happy birthday to Rudy.

    Asger our youngest son one day tried to explain something about dogs to a friend. It really struck a chord in me, because it was so true. and as honest said as only a child could say it:

    He said that people with a dog had the obligation to be really nice to that dog, because as humans we could experience having more dogs, but the dog on the other hand with its shorter life span could normally not expect to experience more than one family, two if you count the first 10 weeks at the breeder.
    I realized that he was 100% correct, most dogs will never have the possibility to compare if family A was better than Family B etc.
    We simply have to make certain that they will forever be convinced that they were living the best life possible.

    I know that Rudy is leading exactly that kind of life together with you :-)
    Jonas (who as usual misses his Newfie)

  2. Hi Jonas
    Asger is a wise kid :-)
    Never thought of it that way, but he is right... To us pets are family members and are to be treated accordingly. They are like kids but unlike them they remains like kids all their life :-)
    I always had more trust in people who loves animals, for if they do, they are good peoples.

    Rudy sends his best regards to Asger ... and the rest of your family :-)

    Bob, Jean and Rudy

  3. Bob,

    The two big guys send a happy "woof". Asger has a right on take, dogs are a great joy and a great responsibly but whatever, they give much more than they take. You can tell a lot about someone by watching how they treat their critters.

    Good on all you folks up North,


  4. HI Ken
    yes, you can tell a lot of a person looking how they treat animals of all kinds... I am pretty sure that "The Donald, AKA Cheetos" is not an animal person :-)
    Oups Did just say that.. :-)

    Bob, back from a service for a good friend's son, it was at the same funeral house were Heather had her service, it sure brought back a flood of memories... Went to visit her after. Thankfully Rudy always lick my tears, so I can drive :-)