Sunday, June 11, 2017

Build a chair in June...ish 3rd edition

My friend Brian Eve, currently over in Spain, is once again hosting a Build a chair in the month of June then blog about it, posting pics of progress and completed chairs.

I kinda briefly entertained entering last year, but it was not meant to be, too many other distractions last year :-(

So I thought I could give it a go this year.

Well technically, I am not building but rather re-building a rocking chair :-)

Yap, this heaping pile of broken parts was once a rocking chair...

That chair is destined to become part of a yard feature, hence not to become a once again working chair, but I thought it would be fun to re-assembled it with epoxy so it can endure longer outside before committing Hara Kiri again...

The poor thing had a rough life and is in poor shape, 
will see what pans out...

So there you go Brian, this is my entry for this month. I am already starting with an eleven (11) days deficit, so I better get on with it. Thankfully, June is a rather looooonnng month... :-)

In the mean time, our gardens have started to produce eatable vegetables, so far we had Radish, Asparagus, the lettuce and shard are coming along fine and the tomatoes plants show promises. The potatoes bag got a full head of greenery, awaiting it to go into flower.

Three different kinds of Radishes

The cucumber are still pretty slow...
Awaiting gingerly Strawberries and Blueberries and Raspberries and, and... Mium Mium... :-)

Our flowers productions got transplanted in our flower beds up front.
Reading up on Irrigation before I go nutso on it. Already got a Bluetooth water timer for it :-)

Bob, the budding gardener with a broken chair to sit on...


  1. Ralph,

    I think it would be easier to start over and use the chair to keep you warm in a couple of months :-).


  2. Sorry Bob, I'll have to check and see if I posted to Bob over at the accidental woodworker :-). I guess the pain meds are making me dingier than I thought.


  3. LOL Ken, that's OK, I have never done that myself, says he with his fingers crossed behind his back...:-)

    Enjoy your meds :-)