Monday, June 12, 2017

Chair re-built day 1 or...

...What did I get myself into..??

Its pretty hot today, 39C with Humidex, if this keeps up, soon I'll be able to grow my own Saguaro cactus.. :-)

Yeah, dream on... So let's take an inventory of all the parts and condition, to see what I got myself into this time :-)

Most, if not, all the pieces seems to be present, 
including one loose spindle

The back of the chair's arm. Look OK, 
the arms juncture are starting to work loose

The loose spindle goes in here.
The seat has a gaping crack

One side got three (3) spindles
The other has one missing. 
Does not look terribly difficult to reproduce neither
 (these could become Famous last words... :-)

The seat had previously came apart at all the board's junction, it seems.
Very messy glue job...but it seems to be holding pretty good, which it was all that mattered, this is part of an landscape feature... 

It has been reglued together previously, glue type unknown.
That expansion pulled out one of the bottom rungs.

So, it does not look too bad. Some of the wood has become light, very light (punkie?) Could use a good coat of liquid epoxy to soak in.

Probably would have to remove all the spindles and do a complete tear down. Will take lots of pictures, because I have this sneaky feeling that things could get a tad hairy at glue time... :-)
Will have to think through the glue up sequence...
Once re-assembled, I should put some sort of finish to weather proof it better.

All in all, not too bad, should be able to do that in a day (??AM I crazy??)
So should be doable this month. Only one new part to make, that in itself could take a day :-)

Bob, the eternal optimist, sipping a cold one...
Boy, did I mentioned how hot it was today? :-)


  1. This looks like a fun project. I look forward to seeing what you do.

  2. You've got to be an eternal optimist to tackle breathing life back into this pile of kindling.

  3. Yah, me too Brian, curious to see what she does with it , once im done :-)

    Bob, who put the AC units in the windows yesterday....

  4. Ah come on Ralph, have faith :-)
    Doesn't look that bad is it ? :-)

    Bob, the eternal optimist