Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The tools inside my boring till, intro

My yard works projects are pretty well completed, time to go back and finish my boring till.

Part of the task ahead is to finalize my holder boards for the tools I intend on putting inside.

You may be wondering, why even bother with these "antiques" while nowadays we are all familiar with drills, corded and cordless (battery power) and Drill press?

Good question, and the answer will come to you the first time you find yourself away from a power source or when your battery pack dies on you. Oh, and not to mention, at times these powered assistants are sometimes way overkill for the job!!??

These old relic will never run out of power, their size and construction details enable them to sneak in pretty well everywhere their powered brethren cannot.

Also a lot easier than trying to balance a top heavy tool while using a small size bit.... without fears of breaking your only bit of that size when the stores are closed.

With minimal care, they will soldier on forever, never becomes obsolete nor wear out after a few years... And do it all in style, quietly...

And let's face it, there's always the satisfaction of seeing emerge curly shavings from the hole being bore. How cool is that ? :-)

While I beaver away at the boring till, I thought I'll give you a preview of the tools I am putting inside (subject to change without warning just because I can :-)

Starting with the braces, I will go over each tool in more details and why they made the cut.

A suivre...

Bob, beavering away with Rudy's help (???)
Rudy! Come back here with that brace.... :-)


  1. Bob,

    For many jobs small and light is better....good on you.

    Ken on the beach watching the dogs Mexico

  2. For me, using the brace is one of the great pleasures of hand tool working. It bores a hole about as fast as a Forstner bit with about the same effort. Love that thing! Looking forward to your posts about the boring tools.

  3. Are you putting the drill press in there too?

  4. Hi Ken
    Glad you are enjoying your down time almost as much as the dogs :-)

    Bob, whose girlfriend lives South...South Farmington :-)

  5. Hi Matt
    Glad you enjoy using these boring tools, they are kinda fun aren't they ?

    Bob, agonizing about which tools made the cut. So many choices :-)

  6. LOL No Ralph, the DP doesn't go in there, would definitely need a bigger box :-)

    The Drill Press currently resides in the garage, but I would not mind replacing it by a floor model and move this smaller bench top model into my hand tool shop. Would also love getting my hands on a old fashion post drill... I missed a few thru the years, next one is not getting away so easily...:-)

    Bob, back inside with Rudy, a tad chilly again this AM...