Monday, May 22, 2017

Barrel stand Day 4

Day 4 started with me turning the furnace back on this morning... it's a tad cold.
We were supposed to go back to the nursery this morning, but we waited for the temps to go up a bit.
Apparently I have money burning my pocket so we have to go spend it on flowers... Huh, no tools? :-)
Our flower production won't be enough for this year so we will supplement it for faster results :-)

Well there goes my pocket money for this long week end 
yard sales looking for tools :-)

For various sundries reasons, I could not get to work on it until supper time, for which I was I/C of BBQ. So how long should it take me to slap a couple of side frames together while I wait for the BBQ to warm up? And should I bother to change before working on it, since it could get dirty? Nah!

Good reasoning except that I was kinda rushed and the darn construction glue really oozed out and there was some on the grass, and I leaned over to inspect one of my corner assembly joint, and.... that's how I ruined yet, another pair of pants... Dear, I swear! :-) (Heather would be so pissed at me right now :-)

Assembly was straight forward, just a bunch of dadoes and half lap joinery.
I used construction adhesive and lag bolts with washer, should be plenty strong.
As usual I don't really have any plans to go on, I am just winging it as I go...

First mistake: Fail to ensure correct orientation of joinery in corner post.
Oups, had to disassemble and turn post around after I try to lined up all four before proceeding....

After supper: We had a birthday girl, so Jean bake a cake and Rudy grab the first paw, it was too close to the counter edge and two change of clothes later, this is were I am now... (short version of the afternoon :-)

Once the frame was assembled, time to work on the top of the platform
The top would be done with 5/4 decking boards, should be plenty strong
with an additional cross member in the middle.

Mocking up the top with two planks of decking

My corner post is too long, but I do not know the proper length yet, I have Min-Max height restrictions for the automatic drip system operation. Once my stand is finished and the barrel in place, at the proper location, I would know.

Now, you may be wondering why I set such a rain barrel far away from any gutters, and besides, I did set up a watering point feed from the house nearby... but... There is a reason for my apparent madness, as there is ...usually  :-)
One of the four post is set higher in order to attach the solar powered irrigation unit and to hold a hose hanging fixture she had.

I will have to fill up the barrel with tap water, but perhaps the rains will keep it up?? Well, will see... If not no biggie, I have a water point nearby for refill.
There is a water level sensor with the irrigation kit, so should be no problems

While I was at it, I wanted to install a tap on the barrel, to fill watering cans. There was a bottom drain line with valve, but I prefer to have a tap higher up for filing up water cans.  Even if using tap water in the barrel, said water will still be gentle on the plants, untreated, it is from my private well, and Heather's African Violets loved that water.

I did not got to it, was a tad busy :-)

While I was working on that infamous Rain Barrel Stand, Jean kept on cleaning up flower beds. We should be ready to move some of the bulbs flowers from our gardens to them shortly plus the new flowers we (?) are getting

Should be on track to finish this ONE DAY project in a few days :-)

Next up is the gardening tool station set up on another 4X4 PT post. Another ONE day project ?  Probably.  Heck I got the post already done... :-)

Bob, who is now the proud owner of yet another pair of fancy work pants :-)


  1. I have a closet full of not only pants, but shorts and shirts that I am forbidden to leave the house in.

  2. LOL I had the same restrictions for years ... :-)