Sunday, May 21, 2017

Barrel stand Day 3

It was definitely cooler last nite, not sure if we went down below 6C but the house was definitively cooler this AM, down to 67F. Furnace has been off for a few days, bonus.

Started our day early to clean up the front flower bed, we were suppose to go to Valley Raceway opening today with the daughter and grand kids, but that did not happened.

Teamwork :-)

Did a few tulip transplants, found around the yard

We did also managed to transplant a few trees from around my property, one of them a single Silver Birch for Heather, when this tree shows signs that it is going to make it, I would be able to cut the one by the deck at peace with myself,. Probably next year...

By the time noonish rolled around we were both dead tired
We took a good 2 hours nap with Rudy and went back to work: Her with more cleaning of flower gardens , me I went to the base wood shop to start the joinery on the barrel stand..YES, I actually cut some wood today...good progress on day 3 :-)

Setting up my length stop for repetitive saw cuts or kerfs 

Ensuring all pieces were cut at same locations.
I cleaned up the saw kerfs back home

After 1-1/2 hour, including clean up, this is what I got.
some clean up and assembly required and voila...!!!

Back home, after Rudy settled down, he is always so excited when I get home :-) Started to cleaned up the joinery I did with the Radial Arm Saw.

Once that done, I slapped on some end cut preservative on all my cuts.  Should be dry enough for tomorrow to start assembly

And that is about all we got done today.... progress, slow steady progress.
I'm happy, tired and need a cold one... And where is my Voltaren, Babe?

Tomorrow on Day Four I should have a carcasse assembled and who know, maybe even a completed project??
Stay tuned ... :-)

Bob, riding off in the sunset with Rudy, time to go sip a cold one, or two


  1. Is that the winter growth on the face? The Navy killed beards in 1984 - no mas. I had one for ten years and shaved it off in oct of 1983 before the deadline of jan 1st 1984.

  2. Yes, I am getting overdue for a trim, normally goes once a month...:-)

    Bob, who has more hair than Rudy

  3. Nice!

    Is that pressure treated lumber? How do you find joinery with it. I suppose no big deal.

    Also, I'm curious about how you like your radial arm saw. They seem to have gone out of fashion, but I understand there are those who swear by them. How does it fit in your workflow?

  4. Hi Brian
    Yes, it is Pressure Treated lumber. Here it is available in green (like I'm using) or in brown, for slightly more.
    As far as workability, pretty well the same with the exceptions of you should take more precautions WRT the dust produced and the chemicals leaching and etc... How toxic is it? One teaspoon of ashes can kill a cow... Never ever burn that nasdy stuff.
    But besides all that, yah, all the same :-)
    Question about the RAS, I will answer shortly in a blog entry, thanks :-)

    Bob, who recently upgraded his work clothes collections