Thursday, May 18, 2017

Progress under the sun

Boy is the sun ever out now...30 today.  Phewww and came to find out that my car Air Conditioner is not keeping up. Humm it was last "fixed" late last summer, they claimed there was no leaks just needed a recharge... Dropped in at the garage today to ask if their superb work was under warranty... Next Wed it goes back in for "fixing" apparently the dye they put in should now reveal the culprit...

Two pick up truck loads of soil later...

Then I just have to transferred it to my trailer for my tractor

Installed another 4X4 raised garden, just one section, the other similar had two juxtaposed. This one got the trellis for growing tall veggies the other got its frame and Green house cover.

Scraped of the grass (ok, weeds) then raked soil loose

Oh surprise that kit is designed to fit into the 2 in frame, not the 1 in, 
so I had to improvise. The frame is a bit skew but should be fine

Then fill her up with top soil mix (secret recipe :-)

I am getting better at backing up the tractor with the trailer attached, but it is such a short throw, not easy....
The Veg-Trug is now also installed and ready for her to do her stuff.

Rudy inspecting the parts making sure they are all accounted for...
Before taking off with one...Got it back :-)

Assembled, resting on blocks

   Fabric liner in

Filled up, need to tuck in the fabric

As I mentioned early on, it is brutally hot today,  well,  I'm sure Ken would beg to differ, but it is for here :-)
So I had the bright idea to assemble the two green house frames inside the house on my kitchen floor. Hummm, I think I need a bigger floor and door :-)

What is wrong with this picture ??? Doh!

I do plan on replacing the house's front door this summer so maybe if I was to take out the door frame... ? Nah, off to plan B while I sip a cold one and regroup.

Treillis and greenhouse frames up...

...Just need their covers and netting installed.
Later tonite when it's cooler

In the mean time I set up the water point and installed her sink inside the green house

Water point, feed from the house. 
Top branch goes to the sink, bottom to the watering wand on a 25 ft hose.
Hose storage would be taken care of when the barrel platform is installed

Found this sink at Lee Valley, could not make one up for that price point.
Stainless steel to boot, well its from China, but time shall tell

Now the fun part. I need to start in earnest on a couple of "One Day woodworking projects" to set up the automatic irrigation system.

One day, heh? We shall see...

First up is a platform for the rain barrel. Simple enough, but it must be bullet proof to prevent the barrel to tip over, that would be dangerous. A full 50 gallons US barrel is...heavy. Not to worry, I shall overbuild said platform in my usual manner. I'm pretty sure my design would withstood an earthquake, but we don't get them around here. But we do feel tremors from the Air base next door blowing up expired munitions once in awhile. Such as today and tomorrow. They are kind enough to let us know before hand via the local media :-)
Poor Rudy cannot read and does not seems to care much for that..

Next would be a gardening tool station near the raised beds.

I am now in the gathering material phase. We have the grand peanuts over this weekend so I hope to finish some of these projects before.

Stay tuned...

Bob and is ever growing Honey do list. Sipping a cold one to escape from the heat :-)


  1. Bob,

    Mid 80's....Wuss, that's a nice Winter day :-).

    Our May has been strange where normally we will be in the high 30's everyday this May we have had many days in the mid to even low 20's. Yesterday's high was 24. Go figure.

    My back is screaming just looking at the photos. As I have posted.....You are a better man than I.

    Ken with a large (106 lbs at the Vet today) yellow foot warmer.

  2. It was brutal south of you temp wise too. Supposed to be a wee bit warm through the weekend also.

  3. A nice winter day, pffttt, yes I expected no less from you Ken :-)
    Found his first tick of the season on Rudy, going to the vet today...

    Bob, with a 15 pound foot warmer

  4. Yes Ralph we pretty well get similar weather, except that yours is often a day ahead :-)

    Bob, who is thinking to put in my window AC units...