Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Life in the fast line

I did managed to glued the box last nite, and I attached the plywood, glued and nailed (brads).
We did not finished the extra mold brackets (kerfs), we both had a long day and went out for a late supper.  Did not felt like doing much after :-)
But my box got glued, late, but done.  I'm happy.

The scene last nite when I turned off the lights at 2310

Busy day today, Jean was doing a workshop on candle making at the Seniors & Elders gathering from 1000 until 1500.  It's about a 45 minutes drive from home so no shop time this morning, she wanted to be there by 0900 to set up

Jean doing her candle stuff.

We did not came back home until 1600, by then it was time for Zoe 19th birthday.
I dropped off Jean there and went to the woodshop with my box and lumber. Must be ready for at least one coat of something by Friday and it has to be dried by Saturday, the day of the celebration of life.  Tomorrow is Thursday, gulp!  Must work on it.

Spent about two hours at the shop it was quiet only had two short visit, it was a quick and efficient 2 hours.  Got my box sanded, got the top panel sanded and rough cut for the frame, cut new Stiles pieces for the frame with its tenon on each end. That took me some butt scratching, because of the existing deep groove in my frame pieces.  Its a tad too narrow to use as the mortise and cut a matching skinny tenon.  In the end I glued a piece in the groove no longer than the rail portion would be and cut a thicker tenon on each end.  Now I need to trim my tenon again and cut the matching mortise... later

After that mitered, my skirt boards around the box.  Need to finalize my template and cut the foot and miter the top of those skirt boards... later

The skirt boards are just sitting around the box.  
They will be much lower when attached.

And as I type this, I just realized it would had been wise to mark my boards, before taking them out and putting them inside the box, Oups.

After that, cleaned and packed it up and rejoined Jean at Zoe birthday party
Back home... later.   I am physically and mentally exhausted.

Tomorrow my goal is to finish and attach my skirt boards.
Clean up my tenons (stiles) then cut the mortise (rails).
That would leave me to finish the frame and raise the panel and after more sanding, start putting some sort of finish on it, probably Friday??  At the latest.
Almost there.

Bob, going for a beer and a nap, in whichever order it happens :-)


  1. Bob,

    I hate time pressure but love the beer and nap. Box is looking good.


  2. You got that right Ken, I could do without the time pressure, I'm used to it, but retired now :-)
    But it does keep the fire under my butt.