Friday, July 15, 2016

Talking of "Ahem" collecting... or was that just edging my bets for my kids?

For the past couple days, a heat wave has returned, very humid and sweaty weather. Between that and the need to "move" my car more often to prevent those @$#&%*$ rodents to resettle under my car, a drive in the country side with the car AC seems like a good idea.

So I called a friend and we went for a drive in the country side. We went to Annapolis Royal, were Samuel de Champlain first try to established a small colony in 1605.
After a few freezing winter in Nova Scotia (really? What a whimp! :-)
What does he do? Went north to found Quebec city in 1608...

Never understood his logic, either that or he was a lousy navigator!
If NS was too cold for him, he should have went South to find Florida...Really!
I could have been born in warmer climates, but NO because of his questionable navigation skills I was born in a snow bank.. literally :-)
Nova Scotia colder than Quebec, oh please!!!

Anywhoo, all that to says that Annapolis Royal, which used to be called Port Royal before the big bad Red coats (British Army) took it over, is quite an historical area. It is a very nice little town steeped in history. AND they have this little shop, Great Expectations Books & Antiques on George St,  who sell antique, including a good collection of tools AND home made chocolate. Winning combination in my book :-)

We had a lovely dinner outside on the terrasse with Rudy.
So here is what I brought back. No chocolates made it alive back to the house :-)

A Stanley No 7 jointer plane (for my son's kits)
a wooden 3/8 Dado plane, and
A Mahogany, unsigned panel gauge

Not only can you stuff your face with delicious chocolates, after, you handled the tools so you don't smear them in chocolate :-), but his selection of tools are always pretty good and in good users shape.

My new No 7 is circa 1907 Type 9. Corrugated sole good almost full length SR&L cutter.

2 patent dates

More flatten top of frog shape

Patent No on lateral lever

Almost full length cutter, stamped SR&L Co

That jointer is in overall excellent shape and a real bargain at $77.00

Next up is a wooden Dado plane 3/8.

The rear hole and two small holes were of course not original, and detract from its collector's value, but not as a fine user. Guessing someone add a temporary fence at one time (two small screws holes) but that would have interfered with the plane shavings escapement...???

Both the blade and the depth stop would need some derusting, cleaning

J.W. Farr & Co
N. York

First time I ran into that name, so I had to look it up

At the age of 16 1/2, JW Farr was apprenticed under Emos Balwin (which became A&E Balwin in 1830) for 4 years, 5 months and 13 days.

I could not find dates for JW Farr operation but is would appears to be early to mid 1800s 
Not a bad haul for $25

And finally, something I have been looking for a while, a panel gauge.
Yah I know easy to make, but owning an antique is more fun :-)

It is an antique made of Mahogany and probably craftsman made, it is unsigned.

The stem is 18-1/2 in long

The rabbet for the fence is not brass lined. I may change that later on.

The marking pad has only a small nib of the cutter left, 
would need replacement.
Easy Peasy

The head is 6-1/2 in long.

Well worth the $15 asking price :-)  I will make two duplicates for my son's kits.

All in all, a fun day. Good company, thank you Jeane and good haul.
We had a lovely day which we concluded by an invitation to meet the local club 100 (charitable organization raising funds for projects around the county)
I ended up being volunteered to join the Rotary club international.
I am also a member of my local Legion, so I don't need more volunteer works, but ill give a try, its all for a good cause.

Bob, the professional volunteer who just happened to go for chocolate and came upon tools.... Really, I swear :-)


  1. Bob,, try moth balls in the engine compartment. I put a few in in certain spots when my truck is parked. Rodents don't like this and move on. Find an area where they will not fall out when you drive the car.

  2. Nice score. I've picked up plenty of marking gauges in Ontario but never seen a panel gauge (except for the Tools of the Trades show, possibly).

  3. Same here Paul, this is the first time i come across one
    Been a while ive been to the Tools of the trades shows, maybe this Fall?


  4. Bob,

    Good on you, type 9's are my favorite of the old Stanley's . I have #3 through #8 type 9's, all in working condition.