Monday, June 10, 2019

One box dovetailed

Last nite I managed to almost finished my template.

This morning, pick up were I left and finished cleaning up my template.
Then it was time for Rotary meeting.
I picked up working on it in late afternoon
Lets talk about some details I forgot earlier about why some of the gauges I am using

These two can do each other job quite well, but I prefer to used them separately

The small thin arm on the gauge is to allow it to sneak in narrow space

The other end of the blade is too wide to get in,

I also used it to check that my tails are angled straight 

Now lets do the same check on a budget.

That little gauge I made years ago can do the same.
Mind you it is easier to gauge light under a straight edge than a rod, 
but it will pickup easily bump and twist differences 

The LV gauge shown is very handy, but precision comes at a cost.
As shown, you can easily makes a suitable substitute.
You can also get a fancier one from Vesper 
and there is probably a similar one from Starrett

This is my go to dovetail kit

The actual angles are not important, but the matching half must reproduced them

Cleaned up template.  Some small waviness on my baseline.
Should use a fence to pare.

Once template is cleaned up, its time to line it up with the other piece and mark it.
I take my time checking often to make sure I have the right orientation...
I have been know to dovetail the last piece going in the wrong direction before.
The only fix then is to cut off the joinery and start again, resulting in a smaller box.
Cannot afford to do that rookie mistake again! 

All my pieces are dovetailed, the last joint on the right still need to finish cleaning and close.
The other three pieces are all fitted. 

Tuesday my objective is to glue up the box and glue stock for the lid, cut bottom plywood.
then start figuring my bottom trim and feet.

The other box? Janice passed away in Ireland.  Her husband was to bring her here for the dual life celebration but experiencing problems at the airport custom. Moving cremated remains across border is complicated post Sep 2001 :-(

So I'll concentrate on Paul's box and make her later.

His brother Allan, brought Paul to my shop tonite, a plaque is being engraved.  We discussed details and questions I had about the boxes.
Should be on track to finish in time

Time is marching on, so time to pick up the pace... Paul is watching me

Bob, tired but feeling good about my progress


  1. Hi Bob.

    Good to see you making fast progress on those important boxes.

    Jonas (who will have Bertha by his side tomorrow late evening)

  2. Thanks Jonas. Glad to hear you will be home shortly. Enjoy your time home

    Bob and Rudy

  3. Bob, I've been using a Starrett #236 depth gauge ( to check that the sides of my tails are straight and perpendicular to the dovetail faces. I like that your gauge has a broader reference surface. If I tilt the #236 just a little, I get a false reading. But it works if I'm careful ...

  4. HI Matt
    Interesting, I knew there had to be a similar device from Starrett.

    Bob, having a lazy day today