Sunday, June 9, 2019

Joinery started

Today I worked some more on my boxes.
In the morning I first cleaned up my first template.  It is critical to start with square tails , since they will be used subsequently as a template to mark the other half of the joint.

First I make sure that my tails are square, using my saddle square.
Oh and since I have a few of them (90, 45 and 14 degrees), 
its wise to confirm you are using the correct one, just saying :-)

Then it's time to check the depth in between.  Using a small depth gauge 
I made in 76 during my airman trade apprentice.
I used it as a GO-NOGO gauge, I like that it can ride over more than 2 tails at once 

Don't come knocking, we are rocking :-)
Slide it back and forth in the space, in this one we are not deep enough

Finally I used the small square with the thin blade to check that 
I reach my baseline straight across.  The inclines surfaces are cleaned up with a light paring, 
using the small square to check for twist, etc 

At this point, if you are intend on slightly undercutting the spaces between your baselines (make room for glue and ensure they close tight), do it now after you check for flat across.

It is now ready to be used as a template.
The square saddle on the right ensure I register my two square edges together

Cannot see a darn thing, so I have to darken my lines with a pencil
and bring in more lights.  BTW I long learned the wisdom of marking off 
the intended cut away spaces.  DAMHIKT :-)

This LV Japanese gent saw with the infamous Japanese tooth pattern cuts wicked fast,
 but the blade scores badly.  Upon close inspections I have damaged teeth.
Not bad considering I have been abusing it since the early 90s. 
 I then stay further away from my lines

Then quick job with the fret saw

Yes, there are some battle scars on my bench top.
 I don't always used a scrap under when chopping, Oups :-) 

Then chop on both sides and pare away to our lines

Assembled by hand, snug as a bug,  should close nicely under pressure.
Yes, I was sitting on the floor paring.  Did I mentioned it's a small shop? :-)

After lunch break, did some running around then resumed in the afternoon.
My goal was to cut the other side of the joinery then cut my other template.

Back from our car ride with Rudy, with the AC blasting in the car.
Even stopped for ice cream and of course at some strategically
 located greenhouses in our travels.  I think she is catching on to my tools buying stops tricks :-)

Then it was playing Gentleman farmer, there I was Outstanding in my field :-)

Manage some more shop time before supper

Switch saw and starting to cut the other halve of the joint

Got my two sides of the template done

The other template has been rough out

And its was time for supper.  Hoping to get to at least finish cleaning my template tonite, or if I feel energetic enough, I may even finish one box tonite...??

Bob, having to go set up the diner table 


  1. Bob,

    I enjoyed the tick tock, I get involved in the build and forget to take photo. Good job.


  2. Thanks Ken
    I know, the only reason I managed to get so many steps by steps pics is because I am taking my time and will come handy when I teach my son how to do it soon :-)

    Bob, coming slowly back to life after being a zombie for a while...

  3. Ha Ha Ralph.
    Yes, Speedy Gonzales (remember the cartoon :-)
    Compare to my usual pace, it was speedy alright ...
    My BP is back under control but it really suck the life out of me, I find it hard to motivate myself to work. This built and blogging kept me going, but it took its toll.