Monday, September 28, 2015

Slowing down

You probably noticed that I haven't start any major projects in a while.  It is not for the lack of projects piling up...

But for the next foreseeable future, my priorities are my wife well being while she undergoes further treatments.  That means lots of trips back and forth to the cancer clinic in the city and no doubts many overnighter.

So you can expect my posts to be slowing down and me working on many small projects instead of starting new ones in the shop.  That's why lately they have been mostly of an historical nature than about my shop progress. And to quote Stefan, why I am so pensive lately...

I started this blog last February as a distraction to keep me from having to much time to worry about my dear wife. Some days, it's working, some days not so much.

Me and Heather

We have been together for more than 32 years 

As we face yet, another battle together, we are both cancer survivors, we will get through this.
You will think that having been through it before would make it easier, but nah....not really!

My Airforce motto
Per Ardua Ad Astra ( thru adversities to the stars) is taking a whole new meaning for me...

Bob, waiting in the cancer treatment centre.


  1. I too am a cancer survivor and would rather go through it again before watching my wife of nearly 30 years endure treatments. I feel for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. My thoughts are with you and Heather. I hope that all goes well.

  3. Thanks again for taking the time to put those recent posts together.

    Best wishes to you and your wife.

  4. Bob,

    Sorry to hear, I can only hope things go well for both of you. Keep us informed when you have time.


  5. Hi Bob

    I am very sorry to hear about your wife, please send her my best wishes. If there is anything a psychiatrist can do to help, let me know.

    I did something wrong and lost your last comment on my site. Sorry about that.
    Have a wonderful day.

  6. Hi Bob,

    I'm sending wishes for a full and speedy recovery. I can't imagine how difficult it must be for you. Just take care of her and forget about this for a while. We'll all still be here when you come back.

    All the best,


  7. Hi Bob,
    now I understand much better. My thoughts are with you and I wish you both all the best. Didn't know Heather but send her my wishes.

    Keep the faith.