Friday, September 4, 2015

A little woodworking distraction

I am pretty well done with the house exterior repairs, now entering the prime and paint phase. And before I start that, I'm going over the whole house looking for spots that may need some attention. Found a spot where the paint is peeling, will tackle that before I get my primer out. Ditto for caulking I may have to replace/fix.

It hasn't rain all week, but there is a lot of dew this morning, I will have to wait for the sun to burn it through.

A few days ago, my wife posted a picture of a wooden gizmo for book readers, with a hint, on my Facebook page. Yes, people still read paper book :-)
It has generated a lot of interest among our friends, so I thought that would make a nice little distractions from house repairs while I wait.

The pic she shown me. Clever gizmo, I'll give that a try.

Judging from the picture, it is slightly less than my comb...

Not easy to take a pic with my left hand while holding 
this hairy people apparatus :-)

Next I need to figured out the size of the hole for my big fat thumb.

My 3/4 in dog hole are too small.

This 1 in cup looks like it will do.

At the drill press with the 1 in Forstner bit

Yes, big fat thumb fit easily.

Drawing lines, approx. center on the hole.

Next it's off to the bandsaw. It currently has a 1/2 in blade, 
these curves are too tight, so I made relief cuts first.

Quick check with my morning coffee on my current book, Tom Clancy.

That work pretty good. The hole is probably a bit too big, 
will try 7/8 in next.

That was a quick rough prototype, final design would be more refined :-)
But it does prove the concept is a good one.
I'll try with various size books, hard cover and paperback. It doesn't seem to do much on my IPad Kindle apps ... Go figure! :-)
Maybe, I'll need to make a few sizes, such as:
The big boy, the Tom Clancy edition,
The medium, the Clive Cussler edition, and
The smaller girlie version :-)

So to our friends that have expressed interest, hang in there, I'll crank them up soon in whatever wood species I have around...

Bob, catching up with his latest book while the dew is burning off.


  1. I'll be making one of those because I still read paper books.
    I was surprised that you remembered what a comb looks like.

  2. Oh, that's what's it's called? :-)
    Had short hair for as long as I can remembered...

    I think that my prototype look a bit clunky, next i'll try perhaps an elongated hole?
    Let me know how you make out.

  3. It looks like it may the diversionary project for tonight in the shop. It looks like it would be a real handy gadget to have.

  4. Its a quick project, told longer to stop and take pics :-)