Saturday, September 19, 2015

Lee Valley antique tool sale

That's right, today only, Saturday September 19th from 10 AM until closing or they run out, whichever comes first :-)

A friend of mine was in earlier and saw the poster, so he E Mailed me the picture :-)

We went together this morning, and arrived early as the store opened at 0900.
It did not took long before a crowd started amassing at the door of the sale room.

Besides planes of all descriptions, they roughly had 800 for sale starting at $10 ea, they had a large selection of braces starting at $5 and some handsaws.

Prices were marked in chalk on all planes

They had a large selection of moulding planes of all sort.

And braces too.

Sorry for the poor pic quality but you get the idea.

A a few bucket of handsaws.

You could even get to play with them.

All in all it was a fun shopping trip.

My loot back home.

I was a good boy, I could have easily over spend my tool budget, but I made list of specific tools I was after and stuck to my list. Now there is a first for everything isn't it ? :-)

They even thrown in a free shopping bag and two posters of tool porn, bonus!

So what did I got you ask...

3 match sets of Hollow & Round molding plane. $20 each, very reasonable...

They are stamped: No 2 (small size), No 6 (middle ones) and No 16 (larger ones)
They are Harlequin match set, meaning not from the same manufacturer.
They had similar complete half set for sale, but I was only after specific sizes, I do not need 2 or 3 of the same sizes thank you.

I could easily spent more time in there and buy a few more, but, as I said, I was a good boy, and stuck to my list :-)

Oh, and I while I was at the store, picked up a small pair of embroidery scissor for my wife for her sewing stuff. Yes, I'm a good boy :-)


Bob, with more tools to restore, research and sharpen.
Yes I got room in my plane tills :-)


  1. It must have been very hard to stick to your list.

  2. Wow, if I would have known I would have sent you a blank check and a shopping list.

  3. LOL Ralph
    NO not really, I'm a good boy (If I keep repeating that to myself, it must be true and I'll get more bazillion browny points he he)
    I did a list,checked it twice and still managed to get a set of duplicate...Sigh!
    There are so many numbering systems with H&R, it can get confusing...
    One of these days, I'll make a post on that confusing system of numbering.

  4. Heh Bill, you can send me a blank check anytime :-)
    Seriously, I know what you meant, it was a great sale. Lots of tools, very good prices. I'm guessing Doug Orr had something to do with that sale...
    Doug is THE tool picker for LV, and a personal tool pusher of mine :-)

  5. So that's where all of the decent moulding planes and other wooden planes have gone! Man, I'd love to find such a sale here in California. Good for you, Bob, and great move getting something for the wife!

  6. Bob, I think the term is "you suck". With that out of the way, I'm lucky it wasn't close. MsBubba would have killed me because there ain't no way no how I could have snuck all those wood planes into the shop with out being caught.


  7. LOL Ken, I know exactly what you meant by sneaking tools...err I meant NO I never done that dear, I was just commiserating with Ken :-) (she reads my blog)

    I think she knows pretty well all my tricks by now, so now, I just says,: It follow me home :-)