Monday, September 7, 2015

Life's a beach...

Early September and we are still getting high temperatures.
So when she said lets go to the beach, I was not hard to convince.

We pack a lunch and headed out to Mavillette beach in the heart of Acadia, one of the most north western part of Nova Scotia.

Being the Labour day long weekend, the Digby warf rat motorcycle rally was going on, we came across lots of bikes on our way up and down.

It is a good one hour and a half drive from home, we arrived early and surprisingly had the beach practically to ourselves.

Had our picnic then settled to read a good book.

Woodworking on the beach

My favorite reading position :-)

It did not took too long before people start arriving to escape the heat, 
but it was still not crowded. This was a bit out of our way, normally we just go over the North mountain to the Fundy shore to escape the heat, but this was a great beach, will be back for sure.

Kids playing in the tidal pools, shallow water very warm.

If I keep going, I'll end up in Maine :-)

Its only a hop and a skip across... :-)
From nearby Yarmouth to Portland Me it is a 10 hours Ferry crossing 

Beautiful sand.

Dogs too seek to escape the heat.

Across from our beach on the right, there is a small Acadian fishing village

From the other side, our beach is in the background.

Very nice beach, will be back for sure.

I'm sure it is much more occupied in season, but this was a very nice, quiet beach. Highly recommended.

After a nice diner on our way back home we made it back late in the evening.
All in all a great day, and sure beat painting :-)


  1. Is there is a Canadian Labor day like the US?

  2. Yap, this is a long weekend. Although, I find the concept of long WE amusing,since I retired every one is a long WE to me now :-)

  3. Bob,

    When I started reading I thought maybe you were going to join the fun at the Rally :-). Not the same as a day "reading" on the beach but interesting in its on way. I spent many years going to the Republic of Texas Rally along with 300,000 of my newest best friends. If you haven't been words do not suffice.

    I expect your day was better,


  4. Hi Ken
    On our way back, we did dropped in Digby, but did not see much, the downtown core by the warf was closed to all traffic but motorcycles. We would have had to find a place to park (good luck with that) and walk down hill, not happening :-(
    Hence no pics...sorry Did saw lots of bikes all over the places though...

  5. Mavillette is one of the nicest beaches in the province. Never crowded - such a long and sandy and shallow beach. We love it there. Nice to see some pics. of it. Glad to hear you had such a fine time!!!

  6. Thanks Patty.
    Wow, never crowded? I love it even more :-)
    We were just talking about doing a stay-cation for a few days in the cottages.
    And take in a Acadian kitchen party.