Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year

As you read this, it has started around the world, but let me whishes you all a new year fill with health and happiness.

At this time of the year it is also a good idea to look back at what we accomplished and start making plans (some call them resolutions :-),  for the upcoming year.

So lets see how I made out with my last years plans

Fix that small drone for my son.
Nail it! Bought a new one :-)

Finishing my Boring till.
Finally done! Only took two years...
Also made a boring bit till to go with it

Install a 6X6 beam in my shop for installing my post drill.
Post has been up temporarily (still need to be fastened)
Waiting for it to finish its stupid wood tricks (acclimatized to my shop)

Rehab Post drill.
Not much progress on that one... De-gunking it will be very messy,
I need the right weather to do it outside.

Works with my son on his projects.
We managed to fit three in his busy schedule and have a few more in the planning stages

Survey my son's tool kit inventory and start building storage boxes
A work in constant progress, should be able to finished it in 2019???

Built a bigger dining room table & chairs
Nope :-(  That one is a carry over numerous years.  Must get Round-to-it

Built two more garden tools storage stations
Never did happened, got close to another but it ended up as a bird house instead :-)
She also wants some squirrel feeders, bat house and more bird houses

Make some progress rehabbing my ever growing piles of rusty objects.
Getting there, but it is an uphill battle :-)
Did experiment with my first complete strip and repaint restoration (BBM) and metallic brushes (wire wheels).  As a result I have upped my game doing restorations.

Install new windows in garage
Done, but still need to finish inside. Insulate, wall covering, trim

Bring in 220V in garage
Another long standing want, ever since moving here.  Keep getting push back in priorities.
We are planning to move laundry room upstairs (again, was first planned with Heather), that will necessitate bring in 220V in garage, yeah :-)

Make more progress decluttering garage
A never ending process, some goes out, more comes in... :-)

Install new bath fan in ensuite bathroom
Overdue, but I need to right weather to go inside attic, too damn hot in summer

Demolish and built a new deck  
First we had to cut down the leaning tree in front of it (done) then we measured out and start plans for the deck.  After the initial sticker shock for the estimate, decided to proceeded in 3 phases.
Built first level, then lower deck, then add the structure on top of main level.
Hoping to get to the first phase this upcoming year

Replace flag bracket up front
Done. This time using a cast iron bracket,  hoping it will last longer...

More backyard projects
In prevision for cutting down a few trees around the properties, built a bigger and proper fire pit to burn the resulting branches etc.
The earth removed was used to created a new garden plot by our fruits gardens
Numerous trees were cut around my property line in prevision of building a fence in the back yard.
Others were removed for being to close to the house and in the way of future projects.
More new trees and bushes were transplanted or added
A new driveway has been planned to provide heavy machinery and delivery of material in the back yard. Ouch, not cheap! :-(
A spot has been cleared and made more "level" for the upcoming greenhouse and outdoor dining room.
An if you think that all of this is going to be expensive, you should see the estimate to paved my existing driveway !! Ouch, that will go to the bottom of the list, unless I win at the Lotto  :-(
Probably would have more luck if I was to buy tickets? :-)

SO... what in store for 2019?
Not much, just finished what I started this year :-)

First is that small hall table for her sister.  My hang up are the two rear legs, need to make yet another pair, sigh
Install that bath room fan
Bring in 220 V in garage and move laundry room
Catch up with some minor maintenance issues around the house
Start new driveway, get at least the culvert done
Get new deck started hopefully
Replace back sliding door by French doors or replace the two garage doors? Both if it fit my budget
Anything else I manage to get off my list would be gravy :-)

Now off to update my infamous Excel spreadsheet of work to do

Bob, making resolutions to finished 2018 resolutions, started in 2017, which were planned in 2016 following 2015 resolutions... Or something like that :-)


  1. As long as the paperwork is updated and approved, you are allowed to carry over resolutions.

  2. Bob,

    At least you can remember last year's plans. I'm having trouble with yesterday's :-).

    Let's hope for a better year to come if not this then next and maybe we can start taking care of the tree ornament.

    The best to y'all,


  3. Best to you and yours in the new year, Bob. Knock a few things off your list and keep the history lessons coming.

  4. Happy New Year Bob

    Impressive list, and all those projects have to be completed along with visiting friends and family and general living, so I think you have earned the right to a day off :-)

    Best of wishes for 2019


  5. Aye aye Ralph, permission to carry on then :-)
    Happy new year

    Bob, slowish this AM ...

  6. Ha ha Ken, my secret weapon for that is what you told me a while back. Our blogs are also a journal to help us keep track of our lifes. You were right and it work great like that. I often goes back and re read my old stuff to see how or why i did it like that :-)

    Happiness in the new year

    Bob, Jean and Rudy

  7. Same to you Matt, health and happiness in the new year to you and your love ones.
    As i keep cleaning/restoring tools, i will keep on telling their story.
    Both for you my readers, but also for me so i dont forget :-)

    Bob, getting forgetful. Anyone seen my glasses??

  8. Hi Jonas, good to hear from you.
    This time of the year can be a roller coaster of emotions while grieving a love one, i know too well :-(

    Yes, i know, very little chances of completing everything on my dauting list, but i need to look ahead, cant stand the risk of running out of projects, cant we?? :-)

    From our family to yours, here is to a 2019 fill with health, happiness and loving memories of your mother.

  9. I particularly like the subtle message of the picture.
    Happy new year.