Monday, June 11, 2018

The space under the window

Now that the Boring till is done, I can look at the space remaining between the Plane till and the Boring till, under the window...

It used to have a left over small peg board in front of it, and my first inclination was to simply put in a custom fitted one and used my old tricks with peg boards to customized it the way I want it.

But then I saw this article and it made me wondered... Maybe used that as a project...
Seems more fun than framing a piece of pegboard for sure.

But of course such a project should be sized to accommodate your own tool kit.
So quick doodle using Doodle Draw 2.0 and I got some idea of what I intend to put in it.

The space I'm working on has a space of  about 30 high X 34 wide and about 5-3/4 deep.
The magazine article project is 23-3/4 high X 23-3/4 wide X 4-1/2 deep.
Should fit no problems... 

First list of tools wanted off the cuff

It is after all on prime real estate in front of the bench, it better be useful...

First thing that comes to mind are chisels; Bevel edges, a few sizes, Paring chisels, I got three, Corner or Skew chisels, a pair, Mortise chisel, only one size needed, 1/4 or 5/16, a couple of gouges.

A few marking gauges, dividers.  The way I work, I like to let my tools set to a dimension during the whole projects. Since I often juggle projects and need a few more measurements, I need a few.

Screwdrivers: Robertson and common is all I need, no Phillips thank you.
A scratch awl, shop knife, marking knifes (2)

A few try square, a 12 in combination square, a few Veritas saddle squares, rules, tape measures
The four commonly used joinery planes: Rabbet, Shoulder, Router and Plow plane.
The three most used bench planes, Jack, Smooth and Bock plane
No 80 Cabinet scraper and card scrapers (3)

Hang in front on pegs, coping saw, Fret saw and drawknife or Spokeshave

And of course it has to fit all within the available space...
The proverbial trying to shove in 50 pounds of tools in a 5 pound bag... There as to be a way... It will fit :-)

First quick round up of the usual suspects and we are starting to get a better sense of the space required.  Hummm, I think I need a bigger wall!!

The source of much inspirations and bright ideas (Tm)

Ok, so surely I can do some paring in this over the top need list...

It looks big, and it does indeed take a lot of real estate

The joinery planes (4) would be residing inside a top shelve on this rack,
so lets removed them for now

Hummm still pretty big if you ask me.
I could squeezed in more space by using open ended slots for the chisels rack.
That way, I don't need as much clearances above them.
Some tools  could be stored horizontally if need be

But anyway you look at it, I don't really need 4 try squares and a 12 in combination square
Screwdrivers and small tools (awl, marking knifes etc) could be doubled up on two rows
The number of marking gauges is also up for debate inside both of my minds (Military and civilian) :-)

Missing from pic are Panel gauge, which could be hung on the cabinet side along with the go/nogo gauges.
Two gouges were supposed to make it but are currently MIA.
Similarly a few, if not most, of the small tools are missing (Awl, marking knifes, etc.)

 So how big are we? It sure look big but how big??

About 36 inches high

By 42 inches wide, way overboard

One thing I must remember is that the bench wall is covered in tills (Planes tills, Saw till, Boring till)
I don't have to go too far to reach into all these, merely a few steps away.
What I do need for sure is chisels rack, marking & measuring tools, a few screwdrivers (most used)
Everything else is gravy... Or should I say right next door to the bench!

But that will not stop me from getting my cake and eating it too. Let them eat cakes she once said :-)

So I think my first order of business would be to muck up (Brian Tm) the chisel and small tools rack and see how much room it will take. Must fit within my optimum space. The actual space under the window is bigger, but I do not want to be bigger than what I figured out to fit nicely under and still gives me access on its sides to hang more stuff. You know, It has to all fit within that proverbial 5 pounds bag...

My coffee fueled mind this morning is asking me what was I thinking last nite with all these tools :-)

So this is my next tool storage till I will be building. Don't know how long it will take me, but I am pretty sure I can beat my last till time to completion (2 years, oups).

There are also a few other projects to either start or finished, including a few build in the yard.
But now I have a renew interest in completing my shop. The oldest grand daughter (11) asked me if we could build projects together. That is music to my ears and of course we can Meadow, just need to clean up and get the shop ship shape (on all decks)

So, build this and finish clearing, organizing quickly and lets make stuff together,
I could not be happier

Bob, proud grand father on a mission


  1. "just need to clean up and get the shop ship shape (on all decks)"
    Not sure it is a good idea, I would start immediately with the grand daughter.

  2. I hear you Sylvain, loud and clear and I am anxious to get starting, but safety first :-)

    Bob, back with Rudy after his Rotary meeting

  3. And maybe within a few years, I'll make up yet one more tool kits, this time for my grand daughter. Won't be a problem, I just so happened to have a "few" spares on hand :-)

    Bob, guidy