Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The chisel bar

As part of figuring out how best to sized up this article project for my needs, I decided that starting with the chisel bar would help me zero in on my max width.

So armed with my usual suspects, out I go about spacing them out. Regarless of space limitations, I want good clearances around the handles to reach in with my big paws.

If I make an open hole, only from the top, the “hole” has to be sized to the chisel width.
Advantages: Easier to make with a laminated sandwhich, using spacers about 1/2 inch thick, spaced as needed.
disadvantage: Tools required more space on top to be put in and pulled out.

If I make an open slot in front, I can then used a standard size hole, for them all regardless of sizes.
It just have to support the handles OR the sockets (never by the handle) of true socket chisels.
Stanley Everlasting and Record Marples may look like socket chisels, but they are hybrids and the handle cannot be separated.
And the size of the slots has to be able to pass the neck of the chisel blade.
Advantages: one piece construction, no sandwhich required.  Probably more flexible?
Tools are easier to put in and removed, since they go from the front, not from the top.

Maybe I should muck up both for comparison, and see how it works out in my given 5 pounds bag...

while I ponder on these and other's on the meaning of life questions, I may as well try my existing chisel holders I had for years, on my pegboard system. Spacing should be just about right.

The three I dragged out are all the same size holes, but at different spacing's

From L-R
1-1/2 inches holes spacing's
1-3/4 inches spacing's
and finally from Boring till, 2 inch spacing's

Why you should never hang socket chisels by their handles

In this one, the blade can easily fall off

Same in this one

Although it may looks like it is not good, its perfectly OK with these Blue Chips Marples,
they are not true socket chisels, the handle's cannot be easily separated.
You can also see the thickness limitation of this design with this wide blade tool.
The space between the handle and the neck of the blade must fit within the slot.

And what about the spacing's differences between the three.

With 1-1/2 in spacing's

With 1-3/4 in spacing's

and the two inches from the Boring till ??  Too large, I don't like it at all.

Between these twos, I prefer the 1-13/4 in spacing, just about right for my paws and still relatively compact. Now that I know roughly how long my chisel bar is, I am sticking with my earlier choices: 4 Bevel Edges, 3 Paring, 2 Skew, 1 Mortise chisel. 10 in all.  Still leave me about one foot for my screwdriver's, awl, Rod marking gauge, knife etc.  Lots of room

Meanwhile, the Boring till holders were removed and given a coat of Restore-A- Finish, followed by a coat of Feed-N-Wax
The till box itself was given a once over with eraser and a fresh coat of paint. Beautitone Natura
The two should be reunited soon and hung up on the wall.

The boring tool holders, after their coat of Restore-A-Finish 

The three products used. The first two for the hardwood holders,
and the latex paint for the box

Holders removed, need a quick scrub clean,
erase pencil marks and a fresh coat of paint.
Getting R Done
Got the box cleaned up and a fresh coat of paint.

Bob, mucking away.... :-)


  1. Bob,

    BTDT. In my experience making chisel racks to hold socket chisels is a mind numbing, throw that sucker against the wall exercise. It is almost drill and fit each chisel so the blade will go in and the slot is small enough to hold the socket. It can be done but what a PITA. Tanged chisels if the blade goes in and it doesn't fall through it's good enough. I still have a few socket chisels but I'm not adding any to the herd.

    BTW I don't know if I mentioned the tool jones struck the other day when I ran across a full set of pre-WWII Marples paring/pattern maker chisels. If the photos do not lie they are in mint condition, we will see in a few days.


  2. Yes, so right about socket chisels being a PITA to fit, but worth it, I love my chisels :-)

    That set that you mention should be exquisite, cant wait to see them. They are probably over the ocean right now :-)

    Bob, who got Rudy cleaned up and groomed today. His birthday is Friday, 3 years old

  3. I tried that design of chisel holder and just couldn't make it work - not enough room on the wall. So instead I lean the chisels out from the wall with a support on the wall for the blade edge just in case and a perspex panel to save me accidentally grabbing something sharp when I reach for a chisel and miss and hit the ones in the rack above. It's worked fairly well for a year or so now.


  4. Hi Sparks
    Been looking at your blog, you got some very different ways to hold your tools, interesting...
    Greetings from Canada, land of Maple syrup and LeeValley :-)

    Bob, who would like to explore Ireland some day, that is one corner of the world i havent been in yet...