Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Beam Boring Machine restoration Part 2

Part 2?? What happened to part 1? Well that was a while ago...

That poor BBM has been on my bench for a long time, before Heather passed away, it is grand time to do something about it. And besides, it's in the way right now...

The area in front of my bench need to be cleared in order to install my Boring till to the right of the window.

The white peg board in front of the bench
 is in the way and must be removed.
The boring till top will be in line with the Plane till top 

To do that, It would be nice to clear my bench, but...
I hate to just move the partially dissasembled BBM and loose track of parts etc, it's already in a partial state of tear down. So, may as well get on with the job.

I had already gave it a quick assessment when it first came into my possesion

The part that I really want to keep straight is: Which bushing covers came from where.  So I made a board showing their relative position to the BBM, so I can keep track of them as I work on them. The reason for being anal about these parts is that, these have all wore down to the part that was rotating within them, mixing them up, would introduce more slop and wore some thinner quicker.

The four pieces are screwed to the cardboard for safe keeping
Helping to keep their relative positions.
The "things" you have to do to get suitable cardboards :-)

Took the top bracket off in order to slide off the carriage

I was not expecting this joinery on top to help keep 
the spacing even and stronger (M&T)

Before sliding it off, I slided it up and down the metal race,
it slides easily, but could sure uses some lubrification it's a tad dry... 

With the carriage off it would be easy to straighten the sliding board on top of the carriage track

You can just see the ondulation in the metal race.
I will make it straight again, before reassembly

The crank handles are very dry, would need some TLC

The wood is gonna need some attention, it is rotten in places. Will have to stop it and stabilized it. Worse case scenario, I will make patchs of wood or new pieces.
But first, it need a good cleaning to better assess it.
That is a job for Murphy oil soap...

So between the scrubbing and cleaning of both wood and metal parts, getting them ready for painting the metal parts and stain and protect the wooden pieces, this may take a while.

This project will have to compete with Holiday time festivities and get together.
So I dont expect part 3 probably before some times in the New Year.

In the mean while, I am also continuing rounding up orphans tools here and there (read my last acquisitions), and indoctrinating them into my routine assesment,  documentation and cataloguing.

My "New to me" planes round up

This one is for Ken :-)
Marking gauges recently acquired

And while all this is going on, I also started to used the Boring till to round up my brace bits coll..err.. assortments. Still have a few MIA in this shot, but I am getting a sense of how many need to be accomodated and put my duplicates sizes asides.

My whole set of Irwins is MIA along with my partial set of Jennings
What you see in these two types of bits are extras or some of my missing sizes.

The temperatures are up and down, snow, rain etc. Would the real Mother Nature please stand up and make up her mind, thank you!...

So in the meantime bundle up it is cold at time out there...

Bob, who is gonna work at his local food bank for his birthday this week.
Could not think of anything else I'd rather do at this time of the year.
I challenge you all to do similar or volunteer in a soup kitchen, and brings the kids along... For this is the time to give back

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  1. Bob,

    From the looks of your "new to me" table and the marking gauges you have been a busy boy.

    Did I read it correctly, your Bday is this week? So is MsBubba's and I better not forget it. Around here we call it Meday.

    Rudy looks like a old time movie star waiting for his close-up.

    Hope you'll have a good Bday and Winter Solstice.