Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas

To all men of goodwill.
Here is hoping that this find you and your love ones in good health and a safe place on this crazy world of ours.

Life is way too short to wasted it: Live, love and do good

This year, I choose to spend my birthday 
working at my local food bank, with Jean.
A great way to celebrate having made it, one more year ...

My son Matt is home for the holidays with his two cats, who seems to be running Rudy around. We will work together on another project he has in mind while he is here. As we work on projects together I am slowly introducing him to his upcoming tool kit :-)

The grandkids are here too, they will experienced their first Christmas the way we do it in my family: Go to bed early Christmas eve, woke up at midnite, Christmas mass, open your presents, eats tourtiere, and etc, stay up as long as you want, while the adults go to sleep. That way, the kids are dead tired in the morning and the adults get to sleep in undisturbed :-)  It really work !!
Then we have a big family diner. Which reminds me I need a bigger dining room table... A project for 2018 for sure :-)

It was the nite before Christmas, the kids were baking cookies for Santa (and by default Grampa :-)

Rudy staying close by to get the drips...

And they says that I am messy!? Pfftt... :-)

Dont let the white out the window fool you
its was plus 11 C last nigth,
 definitively not a white Chrismas this year...

I think we are Ready Aye Ready

Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs ornaments
In their proper respectives locations :-)

Rudy dreaming...
Awaiting his beloved Diva girlfriend doggy

From my family to you, Merry Christmas around the globe and peace on earth

Bob, Jean and Rudy


  1. Bob I dated a first generation French girl whose family came from Montreal and they didn't celebrate xmas that way. They did have tourtiere on xmas day though

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Bob. You've done a lot of good this year. Enjoy your holiday.

  3. Merry Christmas from Newfoundland

  4. Whatever, it’s gone and typing on iPad keyboard means it will not be back.

    Merry Solstice and a Happy New Year from Texas.


  5. Too late for Christmas, but largely in time for "happy new year" to You and relatives.