Monday, October 16, 2017

Boring till layout set in Jello

In between errands and other comitments, I have been busy trying some layout inside my till box.

I like the spacing on this holder muck up.
Tried this way, with the tools hanging, to see how much spaces they needed.
That width, is just about right 

Now since I somehow cut my spacers for the wrong orientation, 
they had to be recut, centering my holder spaces

Quick work with a cross cut saw on my sawing horse

Both holder muck ups, recut and populated with tools

Lots of spacing to accomodate the Breast drill

Similarly for the braces

At the bottom, I am thinking of two rows.
The one in front holding the smaller tools like the gimlets.

Again, lots of depth to accomodate two rows.
I like the holes spacing.

Then, I thought, why not make provision for hanging 
one wooden brace in front also.

So that is about the layout and numbers of tools I am going to store inside:
- Four (4) Metal Braces, various chucks and sweeps
- Two (2) Hand Drills
- One (1) Breast Drill
- Five (5) or so Push Drills, various models, such as Yankees
- Four (4) or so, Drilling Awls, Pointers, Scratch Awls etc
- A set of Five (5) or seven (7) Gimlets
- One (1) Wooden Brace

For a total of about 24 tools.

Of course, to use most of these, we needs some bits. These would be in a separate till or storage arrangement.

Now time to find some suitable pieces of hardwood for the final holders. I may laminated a piece of plywood to them to reinforce the tab sticking out to hold the tools. Depends a lot on what I find around the shop...

The front lower part will be build up of a few parts and the wooden brace will be resting on two (2) dowels.

Bob, going thru the drill of designing his till


  1. Bob,

    Making and fitting tills makes my head hurt. Good on you for sticking with it.


  2. Make a drawer unit box and attach it to the bottom of the till. A couple of drawers should hold the drills etc and they will be right by the braces.

  3. I love your term, "muck up." I think I'll use that from now on. :)

  4. He He Ken, its really not that bad, just have to "muck" things up :-)

    Bob, with Rudy help (??)

  5. Ralph, that would violate one of my design criterias, being able to see everyting I need at hand. Drills bits will end up in a separate till but be nearby. Also I need to reannge some of the existing Perfboard under my wimdow to make room. That Borng till is about as big as I could make it to fit the space.

    Bob, mucking thigns up. :-)

  6. LOL Brian, glad you like it, I have bben known to spell it Mock or Muck, but I think I will take you advice and continued with Muck spelling.
    AS you can see in my previous responses, there are many ways to slip that into a conversation :-)

    Bob, who has been known to muck things up a bit here and there :-)