Saturday, October 14, 2017

Back on the boring till

Jean, Rudy and I delivered my son Matt's wall shelving unit for his flat screen TV electronics (receiver, amp etc) Friday nite after work. We dry fitted it to the wall securing the wall cleat part, and drilled for the screw at the bottom on the spacer bar.
I said dry fitted, because I could not painted it, Matt took off earlier with the paint. It is sanded, primed and ready for paint, which he will be doing in his shop. Yes, my son has finally his own little shop, having purchased a different place while he renovate his duplex for  rental units. Very cool :-)

That mean, I better get back soon to my ongoing tool kit project for my sons, he could use it sooner than later.

Meanwhile, back to my boring till project, part of my own shop re-organization.
This is turning out to be one of my slowest build ever, having started over a year ago... I started on 21st May 2016 as a mean to distracted me and get back to work, being a about 2 weeks after loosing Heather :-(

A lot as happened since, but I am now resolutely moving on...

After spending a lot of time in my basement, awaiting the joinery to be cleaned up, it finally got done a few days ago. It has now been primed and received two coats of paint and it is back into my shop.

Primed, awaiting its first coat of paint

First coat of paint. Same as al the other tills, a light green color 
that Heather and I picked together.

The second coat got applied at home

Now the fun part start... Figuring out which tools will have a place in it and how best to hang them. This could take me a little while, so many choices, more than when I started over a year ago... :-)

Trying out some tools to get a feel for hanging them.

I made previously a couple of different holders mock up to see how I could maximise my storage in my given space and  check my optimum spacing for safe and secure holding. Add to that the requirement to be able to rotate some of the tools in it as needed, and it becomes a tad more convoluted... :-)

You see, keeping with my theme or concept going on in my shop re-organization, I want open tool tills so I can store in plain sight, the tools I am using, and rotate them in and out of closed storage in tool chests.

That implies that my holders would be able to accomodate a variety of different tools. It quickly became obvious that there is no magic holder shape or spacing that would accomodated them all. I will then have to dedicate some spots on my holders to fit some tools.

For example, my three wooden braces, do not fit into my current mock up, their neck being much wider than steel braces. If I make the hole in the spacer bar wider to accomodate them, it is now too floppy for the steel braces. 

As I was taking pictures of the tools hanging in the till on the holder bar I made earlier, I realized that the orientation is wrong for the Boring till intended location. Being a rectangular box, it only fit in the intended location in the vertical orientation (taller than wider).
Hummm, either I cut back this mock up holder or look for another spot on my wall. And talking of walls, I got some more clearing and cleaning to do around that Wall-Of-Tools (Tm :-) before I can try it on the wall.

Also will need to cut some more French cleats pieces, my go to method of securing my tool tills on my walls.

So for the next little while, I would be clearing, cleaning, making more tool holder mock ups until I get this right.
Should keep me occupied....

But first, today I have another life celebration to attend this PM for an old friend that I lost recently to the F....... dreaded cancer. F... I hate cancer!!!

My old friend Ginny on my right  is the one I recently lost.
Heather on my left, back in early 2000s. 
We knew each other in that motley crew for almost 40 years 

Since loosing Heather, I have attended a few life celebrations and services for many of my friends. Too many of them to the F...... cancer!!

Bob, tearing up


  1. That 'C' word does suck to hear. I think after a year your till may be too small.....

  2. Big time YES to both of your sentences...
    I also think I may need a bigger wall to put more tills :-)


  3. Bob,

    I think outliving your friends sucks almost as much as not. I watched my folks go through it until they were the only ones left of a large group of life long friends.

    Tearing up is good, I do it often.


  4. Hi Bob
    The C is a curse for sure. My mom has just started to get radiation treatment again after having been cured for two years. This time it is lymphatic cancer as far as I have understood, and at the hospital they said that it was quite normal that after a round of some other type of cancer, it will slowly start in the lymphatic system a couple of years later.
    She is scheduled to 10 x radiation, and then she'll have some months of chemo treatment to follow that.
    My parents have their fiftieth anniversary coming up in March, so I am hoping for the best.

    Regarding the boring till:
    I think that my dad used to have a system of two large dowels sticking out from the back of the cabinet. I think they have to be supported diagonally from below unless the back of the cabinet is 1.5" thick. The handle part of the braces will then hang on the two dowels, and it can accommodate new and old braces alike.