Saturday, February 27, 2016

Today is my blog 1st anniversary

I started this blog on Feb 27th last year as a mean to help me cope with everything going on with my dear wife. I need the distraction, to be able to keep strong as we face this dreaded cancer together.

My first post was on the first plane till requirements

So, is it working? Some days, and sometimes not... But it does give me an outlet to be able to keep my sanity.

I really did not know what to expect but with Ralph's encouragement I gave it a try.  Here we are a year later and to my complete amazement, my dribbles have been viewed close to a million times in a 100 different countries around the world, wow! I don't know what to say except thank you for your readership and support.

As when I wrote this, it has been viewed 972,928 times...
Should reach a million shortly, amazing!

Along the way, I made some good friends around the world and I'm always surprised when people locally tells me they read my blog faithfully.

This blog has also motivated me to cleaned up and better organized my shop, since many photographs are taken within.

The shop when I started
The shop now, thanks to my blog :-)

Currently my woodworking projects have crawled to a stop, due to circumstances I'm sure you understand, but I do have a list of project I am planing for this year... starting... sometimes...

I am not quite done with my hand tool shop re-organisation projects. I still need a boring till, a bottom wooden chest for under my antique joiner chest, and finish a few things around the place.  Then there is still the power tool shop AKA Garage, which is dire need of uncluttering and still need to bring in 220V for my Unisaw.

But all of these are currently on the back burner as we are about to embark on a
new promising drug trial which is sadly her last hope, so fingers crossed!!!!

My dear wife Heather of 32 years and hopefully a few more.

So to all of you who have taken the time to read my dribbles, my humble thank you and here is to the next year full of hope...

And Rudy
Who is busy giving me more woodworking projects :-)


  1. Happy anniversary Bob. You have my permission to pop open another blue can after the shop will pass inspection.

  2. Cool thanks Ralph! :-)
    Although today is more like wine, we are having a diner with a few friends over.
    The secret to passing inspection, as you probably know in the military is to leave a tidbit of something out in the open for the inspectors to find, keep them occupy and happy, they found something then they go. Not hat I would know anything about that, just saying :-)

  3. Hi Bob,
    I believe you are in Nova Scotia. We were in Yarmouth this summer and I found the Yarmouth County Museum to have a pretty good display of tools and lots of interesting carving. Worth checking out if you get down there.
    I really have enjoyed your informative posts.
    Good luck with the treatment.

  4. Bob,

    As with Stefan....Congrats on sticking with it for a year. A blog is a great journal. I've always tried to keep one but with all the moves and life changes paper journals tend to disappear. Since starting to blog (there have been several) I can always go find anything from the first post forward. That's the up side, the down is you have to be careful and not tell too big a lies because anyone else can read from the first post forward :-).

    Wishing the best for Heather and for you as you'll deal with the medical system.


  5. Yes, JAS I'm in sunny NS :-) About 1 hr 1/2 from Yarmouth.
    Did not knew of this place but will sure look it up, thanks!


  6. HI Ken
    Thank you, could not have done it without you guys support. Much appreciated.
    It is kind of a journal isn't it, and also a means of putting down what I known before I forget...

    Bob, aging not so gracefully

  7. Congratulations on your anniversary :-)
    Best of hopes for the future for you and your family


  8. Thank you for your continued support Jonas, much appreciated.

    Bob, Heather and Rudy

  9. Salut Bob
    Comment ├ža va vieille branche casser. Aurais-tu une copie du disque de Fine Woodworking?

  10. Happy anniversary Bob.
    Somehow I had the impression that you were writing for longer.
    I like to read your posts, so keep on writing.
    All the best,

  11. Salut JC, envoie moi un PM sur Facebook

  12. Hi Stefan
    Sure seems like it at time :-) But no, only a year.
    Glad you like it.


  13. Congratulations on the first year. Sorry for what you're going through. Amazing content you've managed to create under very cruel circumstances.

  14. Thank you Jonathan. I follow your blog and I am always amazed at your work quality. Well done.


  15. Thank you Paul. Yes life can be cruel at time, but we will get through this. This blog and the friends I made thru it sure helps.

    Bob, the novice blogger

  16. Congratulations, Robert! A million views is quite an accomplishment! My blog isn't close to that yet. Well deserved.

    Good luck to you and your wife.