Friday, February 26, 2016

This and that...

Friday being my respite time off for a few hours, I used it to do some errands and make appointment for my car next schedule maintenance, the dealership being right across the hospital were I had to pick up some stuff for her upcoming Catscan, next Tuesday.

In my travel back to go to the Base Woodshop I did a quick (?) stop at one of our local antique dealer, just to see if they had any tools :-)
Well they did, and had a sale; everything in store 50% off, so bonus.... You know what that meant... Should be able to find something :-)

An old beat up leg vise. Not sure it would be worth the trouble of salvaging it...

An older Stanley, Sweetheart mitre box.
And NO, I don't need another one :-)

The Stanley Sweetheart logo makes it late 20s.
Too bad the board is so chew up... as is often the case.
There really is no excuse for that :-(

I have no idea how old Narex has been making tools, never heard of them until LV start carrying them. That chisel looks 60s ?? I may go back and pick it up, got me intrigued... As if I need another chisel... :-)

A barn beam boring machine. I am not sure it is complete??
Besides the obviously missing boring bit. 

A large gouge with a hockey stick handle.
How Canadian, Heh! :-)

Not much planes, and some are incomplete...

In this bucket of saws, I spied with my little eye...

A small Shurly-Dietrich panel saw. 
That is the only thing that I bought.

So after sanding project parts for my son, I took the saw apart and proceed to give it a quick clean up. Same as I did for the mitre saw previously.

Shurly-Dietrich Galt Ont Can.
They were one of the first Canadian company to start using Maple leaf and Beavers on their product. Two symbols long associated with Canada.

The saw nuts makes it look modern, but in their later years they were bought by the US saw maker Atkins around 1930 and their last saws were stamped SDA
Shurly-Dietrich-Atkins, so this one preceded this.

The saw nuts came off easy, I did not had to restrained them. 

Reason is the saw nuts have a square shank and a square hole in the handle
to prevent the nut to rotate. Both mitre saw I did recently did not had this feature and were spinning freely.

Strange hole pattern, look like it was off and had to be re-drilled??

I sanded the handle, there was not much finish left on it.

She is now re-assembled and back home in my saw till. I need to pick up some stain and finish for my saw handles. This SD panel saw had some trace of red stain on it. I happened to have "more" SD saws and some do come with a red finish on it, so I think that is what I will do with this one.

One of my "other" SD saw with a redish handle.

It has the beaver medallion on it.

I really like these Shurly-Dietrich saws, they are excellent quality.
The blade is nice and straight and still cut decent, but it could sure used a fresh sharpening job :-)

That little panel saw I picked up today is filed Crosscut 11 TPI

And stamped as such; 11

All in all, not a bad day. Made some progress on my son's project and found this little gem of a saw. It's a good day...

Bob, who should finish that post for Gerhard soon about his Yankee drills.


  1. That's a lot of screws for a panel saw. My vote for a finish is BLO and pure gum turpentine. With a wee bit of red stain.

  2. Hello Bob,
    pretty nice find.
    Unfortunately this kind of saws are not to find at second hand or antique dealers here.

  3. Yes, 4 screws seems a lot for a small 19 in panel saw. I haven't decided yet on a finish, would depend a lot on what I can find locally...

  4. Hi Stefan
    Yes, Im pretty happy with my find. I really like these SD saws, really good saws. Did you meant not finding saws in that size (panel) or just plain handsaws in that form? I suppose the "standard" continental saw is a frame saw?

    1. I meant not finding saws in that form.
      You are right and it's becomming more and more clear to me that the standard hand saw was a frame saw in the past (at least in most parts of Germany).
      Maybe I should have a try on frame saws.

  5. Nice find, Bob. Do you mind saying how much it cost? Also, do you sharpen your own saws?

  6. HI Matt
    It was listed for $10, so I paid only $5 (50% off everything)
    And yes, I sharpen my own saws, well try my best anyways :-)