Thursday, February 16, 2017

Slow day in between storms

We really got clobbered with snow Tuesday... Anywhere between 55.7 to 61 cm here in Greenwood depending on the source. And I think that all of that snow got dumped in my driveway!!!

This is beginning to look like winter 2015 all over again... snow storms after snow storms every 3 days or so...

Friday Feb 10th...snow day

Monday 13 Feb... snow day

Well... Could be worse :-)

There is at least 4 ft of snow up front, we had about 60cm dumped.
Tuesday 14th everyone was still recovering from the storm plus blowing snow throughout the day...Snow day

Wednesday the 15th school were open, then today Thursday 16th, another snow day, another 30cm coming down throughout the day, and Friday?  Well for the first time in 125 years the teachers are going on strike for the day to protest the legislation being drafted to settled the dispute going on for a while (contract expired)

So yesterday, in between digging ourselves out, and making room for more snow...

Had to clear the deck in prevision for today snow fall, 
way too much heavy snow load on it

Rudy checking out my progress from his stool by the door

OK done for now, I am exhausted...

The other day, while doing her driveway to get the school bus out, the snow chute on her snow blower broke off... She has no snow bank cutters on her snowblower and the side load from the high snow banks crashing down on it were too much.

Mac Gyver to the rescue ... :-)

Forget trying to get parts, and the local repair shops were quite busy trying to keep up with everyone's else snowblowers in the shop.

There are three (3) semi circular tabs around the bottom to hold the rotating snow chute, one is broken off.  The lip is missing.

That is how it is supposed to look like.

No parts? No problems. Adapt and overcome!

Cut a piece of flat iron to length, drilled holes to lined up 
the part and trace top profile

Top part done

After shaping the bottom curve with flat and rat tail files,
installed new part with stainless steel hardware . I had a bitch of a time removing the rusted one, busted two (2)

Once repaired we were able to finished off digging out 
the bus from its snow tomb, in time for its only run of the week, Wednesday! 

 I wanted to put on snow bank cutters on her, like mine, but they already got the summer stuff out at the hardware stores (Canadian Tire) Really!!!! We are just starting winter around here....

Next it was time to look at my own snow blower, the speed shifter cable came loose, somehow...

Luckily she is stuck in third gear

Looking at my service manual, I am not sure how in the world it is 
suppose to re-connect... Something missing????
I am still scratching my butt on this one...

The snow load on the roof is slowly sliding down

I was not going to do anything about it, but then, our oldest grand daughters, Meadow,  came for an overnite stay, so that got me spurred into action before she arrived...
Safety first ... :-)

Today as I sit at my keyboard, gotta get ready for another round of snow clearing... Thank god for snow blowers, I would have no room to put it aside if I was shoveling... Driving around town (thank you Positrack in my AWD car ) you can really get a sense of how much snow we just got, all since Sunday nite...

Jean, Rudy and Meadow...
I guess that leave me to do the driveway by myself :-)

Bob, doing warming up exercise before going out and doing his driveway. I joked with Meadow, telling her that there is no school today, but she will have to shovel my driveway...
Her face expression was priceless.. You are kidding right? He he yes, go back to bed...


  1. I think you got a wee bit more than my 6-8 inches. What is the cm stuff? Is cm the french abbreviation for inches?

  2. No its the real metric thingy :-)
    As much as I refuse to Metrificated my shop, I had long ago got to get used to driving with Kms per hours and distances in Kms, along with metric temperature stuff. But that is as far as I got, I draw the line at my shop door! :-)
    Any which way you count it, that is a truck load of snow.....

  3. Come on Bob, you are almost will enjoy the light side.

    I read the tales of snow control and shudder, not as much as I would if doing it but.....Damn folks mild summers are not worth it. :-).

    I will not mention yesterday's high, nope not going to mention yesterday's, too much danger of dodging flying snow shovels from the north.

    Be careful out there, hear,


  4. Yah, anytime now that white crappola should be done.... in April
    I just launch a bunch of snow shovels, they should arrived in your area shortly, doing air-to- air refuelling along the way, ETA...(wont want to ruin the surprise) :-)
    Oh, and i have armed the flying shovels with snow balls..
    Enjoy, houhahaha..... :-)

    Bob, tne diabolic one from the Great white north

  5. My back hurts just thinking about moving all that snow. Thank goodness for the snow blower, but that only does part of the job, right?

  6. Yes Matt, unfortunately there is still shoveling to do to finish cleaning up...

    Bob, who is going out to start the blower, snow seems to be over??

  7. Hi Bob,
    always good to park the machines safely ;-)

    Man, it's really years ago that I have seen so much snow in the wild. I think I was in winter holiday in the Alps.

    Hope that you are all well and keep the heads up. Especially if the the snow is so high. ;-)


  8. Hi Bob.
    I can see why Rudy is wearing a coat :-)
    the comparison between an American road and a Canadian road really made me laugh.

    Maybe I have missed something, but why do you have a school bus at home?

  9. I'm jealous, we are running out of snow here in Minnesota with another day in February forecasted for upper 50's or lower 60's. Snow might be a lot of work but it's beautiful and the kid in me stills loves it.

  10. Hi Jonas
    No i don't have a bus at home, but my girlfriend does. She drives a bus in Annapolis county, part of the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board. The bus are owned and operated by the school board and are kept at the driver's home strategically located throughout the county.


  11. Hi Nathan
    If you missed the snow I could send you some Snowmen kits (some assembly required) just add water ... :-)

    Bob, in the great white north