Sunday, August 23, 2015

Yesterday was a special day

Summer took its time to arrive but we have been in high heat and humidity for a while. Yesterday was the first time we had some real rain all summer... and lots of it!

But that is not what made this day special... Yesterday we celebrated the wedding of a good friend's granddaughter :-)

As if to punctuate this special day, we had twin rainbows in the evening sky, we don't see that very often.

Congrats Andrew and Meadow, 
may you happily grow old together 

The rain did not damper the celebrations, besides, that rain was long overdue and welcome.

A proud gramma.

Her father own Green Goblin Hot Rod shop in Canning. It was the perfect setting for a great reception. Great food, great friends, the rain did little to dampen everyone's appreciation of the day.

Reception was held at her father place.
There were some pretty awesome cars in there. 

Just in case of rain... 

Yes, good call :-)

3 generations; Gramma, mother and daughter

It may have been a wet day, traffic on the highway was down to a crawl at time with 4 way flashers on (rain you say!!) But nothing could interfere with the celebrations of two young people in love. 

We were very glad to have been a part of it.
So here's to you Andrew and Meadow, let me raise my glass one more time (well, coffee cup this morning :-) and wish you the best.

Bob, who played chauffeur yesterday. Am I ever glad for the integral traction on my car :-)


  1. I love these Hot Rods.
    Hope they had an unforgettable day.

    Talk soon

  2. HI Stefan
    Oh yes they did :-)
    Chad's hot rods are quite unique, never seen some like his before.
    He also does straight restorations, he had a green Chevy pick up trucks almost ready to deliver to the customer in the shop and a custom hot rod being chopped, pretty cool! Love his work.

  3. Bob,

    Congrats to Andrew and Meadow.

    It's good to be young....We got the last of ours married off about a month ago, the good news they ran off to the Islands to do it. I'm not sure it was cheeper on us that way but I didn't have to put on a monkey suit for the event. We did miss the gathering of all the kid's friends and getting high on their energy.

    Back to the shop for a couple of hours until the heat run me out.


  4. Thanks Ken
    Yes, it is good to be young, or in our case, to remains young :-)
    They got a kick of seeing where in the world their wedding news got read, never cease to amazed me how many read my drivels ...:-)

    Bob, back from a small errand and dripping wet from sweat...