Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Managed to strike off one item on my list...

In between severe storm warnings. So Far So Good, but you never know, so we always heed on the cautious side. Years of Military training does that to you :-)

We now have much easier & safer entrance steps.
Took me longer to go to the Builder's yard than to put it together.

Pressure Treated (PT) 2X4X8 (2), one decking board 5/4X5-1/2X8.
Box of PT deck screws, circular saw, cordless drill & bits. 

I like to use my Swanson Speed Square as a cutting guide to the circular saw.
Let you make 90 of 45 degrees cut easy peasy...

Final result, 20 mins later.

So in the end, that step is not secured on either ends of the walkway and I did not bother to level it neither. Had Heather check it out, she kissed me and thank me, so I am guessing (thinking man here) that she likes it! :-)

The frame is a rectangle of 2X4 PT with a divider in the middle.
The 5/4 in decking is screwed on top in three places.

But perhaps more importantly, it is solid, and gives your foot a more natural and effortless way to navigate those stairs safely.

So that will do for a little while, until we continued to explores our options for a more permanent fix...

Since I have been going back & forth to the shop for a little while, managed to spend some time planing my drawer boards for the saw till.

They are now all flat, but still need to be
 brought down to a common thickness.

At least one edge of each board is square.

I got my glass shelves a while ago, but still don't have 
the brass pins and cup for them. I was fixing a power supply cord earlier.
That bench is re-becoming messy, cut that out!

So there we go, another thing off my list.
The only thing, is since those temporary steps were a recent addition to my list, it doesn't look much different than when I started...:-) 

Bob, making up a short list for next trip to LV/BB


  1. I think we both know that that list doesn't have an ending.

  2. You got that right! :-)
    First time I got a kiss for finishing a project thought... Maybe I should build more steps :-)