Friday, August 7, 2015

Bird photographies

Unbeknownst to me, there was something else on my to do list which, I apparently forgot about?
Yah, something to do with bird feeders ??  Do we need another !?

A while back, she got this idea and bought a few kits to make these bird feeders with old cup and saucer... She also got the cups and saucers, so it just up to me now, I guess :-)

All I had to do was to drill a hole roughly in the center of the saucer and the cup.
Don't try to center the bit too hard, all you are going to do, is end up with a mess...

A set of cement/glass bits (carbide tipped)

Aim best you can, hold everything solidly, and watch that bit skate around until it bite... Go slow, uses lots of water, do not overheat the bit.

I wanted to ensure solid support under the drill bit pressure, 
so I used this slim post to sit inside the cup or saucer

Then you just screw the part together, the soft washer against each sides of the porcelain.

Fill-R-Up with appropriate seeds mixture and hang it up.

Then the long waiting game for birds to show up and me 
be ready with the camera at the same time... Slim chances :-)

While I waited, I may as well replenished the suet cake. Getting pretty low.
That one did not took long to have birds, they are used to it.

The Hummingbirds feeder was also replenished.
Hardest thing to photograph well...

The big obstacle was the restriction of movements and making no sudden noises or motion. It would otherwise scare off the birds.

Then, I finally got smart and linked my IPad Air to the Nikon D5500, via its own WiFi connection.
TADA... Yes there was an APPS for that, free, from Nikon.

I can now relax, move and watch tv etc..
I have a live view of the Nikon and can 
take pictures from the IPad screen.

Very cool interface, very easy to set up. Perhaps not much control of the camera, but you can transfer the pics files and remotely trigger the camera, very cool, and nothing else to buy!

Meanwhile, not much action at this feeder.

All the action was happening here...

There was lots of action at supper time on that saucer & cup feeder, so kind of got me not prepared, was BBQ supper at the time :-)

The only pictures I got from the new feeder was on the IPad, now to transferred them...

Earlier I did experimented with the IPad front camera to sneak pics up the hummingbirds feeder.

darn it moved too fast, missed it!

Got it, but blurry little bogger.

In the end that quickly killed the day, and got some use-able pictures :-)
Learned a few things too about my camera and that Apps from Nikon, very cool.

Bob, the budding photographer


  1. You're way ahead of me on the apps and Ipad connections. I still have not used any apps and I don't have an Ipad or android phone. Does sound kind of cool.

  2. So much for "right place, right time". I prefer to sit outside with the camera ready. Don't have diamond drills etc. so cannot do some of your other projects so I'll read and watch!!! :-)


  3. Hi Ralph
    You can buy a gizmo, cam ranger, which control the cam via the mini USB port and WiFi, or like my new camera, nothing extra is required other than downloading the apps from Nikon, since it has built in Wifi. Yes, it is pretty cool :-)

  4. Hi Patty
    I tried sitting for a while, but I'm afraid I'm not very patient :-)
    Most of my good pics were taken manually with the tripod with my 55-200 lens.
    First time I played with the WiFi apps, just have to point it to the right feeder at the right time I guess :-)