Monday, August 3, 2015

Side trip...

We saw in the news this weekend, that our famed Bluenose schooner has been reunited with its American counterpart schooner, the Columbia. These two have not been seen together since 1923, so we had to go see them.

Bluenose II at dock in Lunenburg

Besides today being a holiday, the stores are closed anyway, so my steps rehab project is on hold until then....

Both ships are replicas, both original famed racing/fishing Schooners having long been lost to sea.
Bluenose II was built in the 1960s and has just finished a long and costly re-built.
It was such a complete refit that the American Bureau of Shipping insisted on upgrading to a new steel rudder system. Much heavier than the original and created all kinds of troubles. She is now docked back in Lunenburg for repairs to her rudder system, a busted hydraulic pump...

Bluenose II 60s replica was a much more exact replicas to the original and in order to preserve her unbeaten racing records, she is forbidden to race again.
If you ever saw a Canadian dime, she is the ship featured on it.

She is a proud Nova Scotia ambassador, hence why NS taxpayers poured lots of money into her recent rebuilt.

The Columbia is also a recent built replica, but not a wooden vessel like the original, rather she sport a sleek steel hull and fiberglass.

She is in port right now to get some work done to her sails, and generating lots of excitements over both rival ships being reunited.

Lunenburg is also where our youngest son, Matt work at HB Studios making video games. So we picked him up and got a tour of the area.
He shown us his new dig he is renting, in preparations for a big remodel of his current home.

Matt's new place in Blue Rocks

He is in the process of moving, so it is still pretty bare.
His new place is Mom and Dad approved :-)

He currently own a large home near Mahone Bay which he plan to renovated top to bottom and rent. Hence why the move out of his house.

We always loved the area around Mahone Bay it is so pretty, but unfortunately for us, darn expensive...

We had dinner at the best Fish & Chips place in Lunenburg, the Fish Shack.

I can see why it is always so busy, probably the best Fish & Chips I ever had.

You put your order in the shack, then are given a Lobster. 
Go find a place to sit, when it flash, your order is ready for pick up :-)

My eyes saw a tad big, I got the two pieces ...
OMG, I finished it, but one would had been plenty :-)
This pic is for you Ralph, will take you there when you guys come over.

Being a fishing village, besides a renown wooden boat building industries, they lost quite a few fishermen thru the years.

The fisherman memorial.

All in all a good visit with our son Matt and a chance to see a piece of sailing history. What a great day!

Oh, and I somehow managed a short time in the shop this week end to start planing my drawer pieces.  Should be back on the saw till soon... 

Bob, enjoying retirement life :-)


  1. Unfortunately Bob the best fish & chips are south of you in Kittery Maine. Captain George's has the best offering of this exquisite delight on the planet. I will try yours though just to compare the two.

  2. LOL Ok, will see .
    I must admit that there are some regional differences over the same fish, taken in the same water, somehow taste different! Never understood that :-)

    Haven't tried Capt Georges or other Maine F&C but have tried often both ot our Clam Chowders and prefer ours, and don't get me started on New England style chowder...:-)

    Wont be surprised if you liked yours better though...

    Bob, still stuffed from lunch...