Friday, July 13, 2018

And our first project together was...

I found some small pieces of 1/8 thick plywood, cut them up for the kids to draw on it to then cut the shape out on the little saw at the bench

They both wanted to draw their own shapes so sharpen pencil and out you go.
Then they quickly decided that it should also be colored.

Finally the oldest was able to cut out her shape on the saw

She needed some help with the action. mostly how to hold the piece down and feed it.
But she got the hang of it

The youngest one has the attention span of a squirrel presently, so it is a bit more of a challenge :-)

Besides she has yet to finished her masterpiece

And by the time she was ready to cut, Jean mentioned maybe we should go to the beach.
The kids quickly turned that into lets go swimming, so the other masterpiece has not been cut, she decided to leave it as is and go swimming now.
So packed a lunch and off they went. I stayed behind with Rudy to get some yard work done.

So this is what we ended up with today.
Its going to be a long way before we built our first Applewhite chairs together :-)

Quick intro to the shop, but I got to learned a few things about them.
Next, we will be making a Grampa birdhouse, stay tuned :-)
I think Ill pre cut some of the pieces and they will assembled them then paint them of course …

Bob, the learning Grampa


  1. Thank you so much. My 6 year old daughter is always looking for fun woodworking projects. My wife is an artist and so my daughter also get's to paint. I can see where the nice idea above would get my daughter to do both things. Plus, she would get to make some of her own toys. I'm sure there are some good lessons in that as well.


  2. Hi Bob

    Great to see grand kids in the shop.
    A small scroll saw seems like a hit!


  3. Bob,

    Reminds me of building a small box with Levi the last time the kids visited. "We" glued it up and painted it with red milk paint. As far as I know he is still keeping a couple of his toy cars in it.

    The attention span of a squirrel is too true.


  4. You are a lucky grandpa indeed. The older one cut out the what I am assuming is a round shape better I could.

  5. I will be reading this with attention. The grand sons are 5 and 3.

  6. Hi Joe
    With an artist background in the family, that would for sure be a quick project to do in the shop. Select flat on one side boards (could be one half of a split small logs) or anything else you can find, even flat beach rocks can be painted, but you have to literally baked them first to release the trapped moisture inside for a successful job.
    Imagination is the only limit. Have fun with your daughter doing stuff together. Life's priceless moments.

    Best regards

  7. Hi Jonas
    Yes, its fun to have the kids in the shop, but it is also a lot easier one on one. The both of them together get a lot trickier to supervised :-)

    Best regards my friend


  8. HI Ken
    Indeed the attention of squirrels is just about right for the youngest one. In her defense, she will grow up :-)

    I'm sure that little red box will be treasured by Levi for a long time

    Bob, who has a few more accoutrements to cut and shape today

  9. HI Ralph
    That roundish shape is an Emoji. She followed her lines which was not quite round to start with, but the whole idea was to cut following a line. She did good.

    Bob, the taskmaster

  10. HI Sylvain
    Great to hear you have two littles ones and I am sure you are itching to introduced them to the shop.
    This is all new to me, but I do have a background in teaching maintenance on sophisticated weapons systems and my last job here was the MWO Tech Standard and SAMS (Senior Aircraft Maintenance Superintentent) at the training Squadron for the CP140 Aurora and did similar jobs at the CF18 school.

    Mind you teaching little ones is different, I will admit, but I can still apply lots of lessons learned, just have to keep in mind they are little kids not young technicians :-)

    Oh, and maybe I should drop their morning inspections of their bedrooms in the morning at O dark hundred? Kidding :-)

    Bob, ye old Master Warrant Officer