Saturday, November 25, 2017

Took a gamble... and got...

Today, my girlfriend said, lets go have a look at the auction...
It has been a while I have been there, since loosing Heather, we used to go often.

So off we go, just to have a quick look, and 4 hours later we brought some "stuff" home... As per my last visit, we needed a truck to bring everything home.  But we went just to look, so we took my car :-)

When we got there, the auction had already started, so could not look at everything. Took a quick gander around trying to spy some tools, did not saw much that interested me, but there was a bunch of Matchbox car's collections that pique my interest, dutifuly recorded those numbers for later...
And saw a sort of promising miter vise, in a lot box.

As the auction went, bought a few things here and there, bunch of weave baskets for Jean, flower pots and etc, then this miter box comes up.
I know, I don't need another, but, it went down to $5 before I put the first bid on it, at $7 it was mine...

I did not saw that MB before hand, it just attracted me on a lurch, because it is one of those tension frame that take a narrow blade. It look good to my eye from a distance, but I was gambling that it was a good one and not one of those crappy Far East clone's ones. So even before I finally saw it first hand, I was happy that I got it so cheap. If garbage, I did not wasted, much, of my money. My own internalization and rationalizationing in case I got sucked in :-)

When I first saw it I knew I was right.... You'll see later... :-)

A few more things, antique broken chairs for a few bucks, an apple barrel. I was feeling smug that mine was in good shape, and the other damaged ones were going for more than I paid, hah. Well.... Turns out, I have a missing part in the bottom :-(

Then we finally got to the stuff I had eyed: Something looking like a Stanley No 400 miter vise and a few more frame making tools and supplies. Pay more than I expected but I think $52 was a good deal, will see later :-)

A few more things later, none tool related, and we had to leave for a friend's spouse life celebration. Paid for my stuff, ouch, then packed everything in a  friend’s truck (Thank you George and Wendy) and went on.

After the life celebration, which was very well attended, it was packed in there, love to see that. I often joke that at the rate I'm loosing my friends, they may be none left at my service, I better start making much younger friends...

We went home to get our truck and headed to George and Wendy's place to pickup our junk, err... I meant "Precious Artifacts" and brought them home.

Not a bad haul, we are happy. Spent a lot more than planned, but Heh, such is the life of a retiree, or so it seems at time :-)

So what was it that I brought back tools wise?

Excuse the poor pic quality, using 
my stup..err intelligent phone!

And we have:

Four "as new" narrow bandsaw blades, 
Simonds Canada, excellent steel.
No idea if they fit my saw, but I wanted the boxes :-)

The box on the chair is the one I paid the most at the auction, $52.
So what was inside?

A bunch of picture framer's tools and supplies

And that Miter Box, bought sight unseen, what was it?

Can you see it ?
Hint, its made in Sweden :-)

Lets have a closer look at that infamous "expensive box"...

Defenitively got my money worth, Im happy :-)

This is what I was after... after all :-)
Here is an LV copy of that tool that they carry 

It came with two wing attachments and 
some sort of template in wafer board.

The Miter Vise got me stumped! (Temporarely, no doubts :-)
Its like the Marsh 400 which became Stanley 400 in 1926, but this one is neither.
It is painted Green, Casted:

Made in USA 

NY 11040

So far so good, but then...


Huh? Look like a No 401, but it is clearly casted 402. Made in USA but Record? (a British firm, their tools were mostly blue, not green)
And who is S&W in NY? Never heard of a model No 402 of such an animal??
Oh well, will find out later...

The 2 attchments that came with it:

The jaws on the vise are rather thin.
 It is after all, made for picture frames.

These two adapters fit on the jaws 
to accomodate thicker pieces.

Right there, I am already happy about what I paid for the whole box, the remainders are just gravy... 

A Fletcher, fastener tool for the retaining board in the frame.
Depressing the handle squezze the fastener in the frame.

A Chartpak Mat cutter (Adjustable angle)
with 2 spare blades boxes and 4 loose blades. 

Another tool doing a similar job as the Fletcher.
Came with 2 boxes of the special fastener it takes 

A portable heater for heat activated glue banding.
I made out for years using a regular clothe iron
I inhirited after using "our Ahem" clothe iron 
on such a job for the first time, oups :-)

This tool I have no idea what it is or what it do,
 except that it is for ...Whatever it says on it...

Maybe for these clips?? 
Althought I'm not sure there is any correlation??

and these 3 bags of frame supplies for hanging

And the Miter Box? Yes, I did spyed a good one, still available at LV 
Not bad for $7 plus taxes = $8.05 :-) 

The Nobex Model 180, mounted on a plywood base.

I am guessing that this Professional Miter Box came from a picture frame shop, and if so, probably the same were I got all that loot for $52 :-) 

Look all complete, extension stops etc.

Does not seem to have any provision to park the saw up,
like on my older Stanleys and Millers Falls...

So I paid $7 for the four boxed Simonds bandsaw blades, another $7 for the Nobex MB and $52 for the box of picture frames goodies. I am happy.

And why did I needed a truck? 2 chairs, one apple barrel, giant set of plant pots, more plant pots, various weaved baskets etc etc. Oh and boxes of stuff that came with some of the boxes lots. I have a big trunk (Lincoln) but, nah, it would not fit :-)

The Matchbox stuff I was lurking? Started at $100 and went for $330, a bit more than I wanted to pay, but well worth that..., damn!

Bob, who is tired but happy. RIP my friend.


  1. That orange thing looks like a cellophane/tape gun. Maybe it was used to clamp the frames?

  2. I google it and TESA makes a lot of adhesives rolls for the industry, including, you were right, tape dispensers :-)
    This particular gun and the rolls it takes were for mounting pictures on the backing board, mat frame whatever


  3. I'll double your money on the Nobex box!

    Awesome finds.

    It looks like the upright brackets for the miter vise would be to clamp angled miters. The little stop would keep the workpiece from sliding up the bracket.

    The wavy springs are for holding the mat board and picture in a metal frame channel.


  4. He he Steve, Thjanks but Ill keep it :-)
    ah yes, thats what these little springs are, I seen them before in metal frame, thanks