Sunday, July 9, 2017

Travelling and braking for tools and greenhouses...

As you probably surmised by now, not much woodworking is taking place around here, but that does not mean I stopped lurking for tools in our travels :-)

The grand peanuts are also taking up a lot of our time, so even less shop time. Rudy sure is having a great time with the girls :-)

Friday before the girls arrived for the week end, we took a drive to Annapolis for yet another chocolate run (Tm), and of course stopped at a greenhouse she hasn't been in yet :-)

This is what we brought back Friday.
Chocolates? I'm afraid none survived the trip back home.

Finally got my first English infill plane. unknown maker, but the blade is from Spear & Jackson. Extra refined cast steel. the blade is in good shape, the mouth close pretty tight, can't wait to try it, but, that would have to wait, we are taking the kids to the grand street parade for the 58th Kingston Steer BBQ.

Watching the parade that start the day's events

And yes, they are wearing the official RCAF tartan for their kilt

Of course you cannot have a parade 
without marching bands and fire tucks

I love the steer bits, the steer has been slowly cooked overnite in a giant rotisserie tended with loving tender care by the Lions International members. I always look forward to this event, love my steer plate and strawberry shortcake mium mium.

Of course there is always the Bounce Kingdom 
to keep the kids occupied

Rudy too got into the action 
trying to impress the girly dogs :-)

Then finished the day at the pool on base, Meadows take to water like a fish, would have to check out swimming clubs around for her :-)

If any of my readers recognize this British infill form, I would love to hear from you. The body is cast steel with what look like Rosewood infills (2)

There are no markings to be found, but the body has been sanded for sure. There is a maker's mark on the double iron, tapered blade:

Spear & Jackson
Warranted extra cast steel

You know that feeling when you bring home that new tool and you are itching to try it...
Well Sports Fan, this will have to wait until I clear my poor bench, and to do that, I got a lot of tools to inventory and stored aside...
Soon... I can hardly wait, I just going to have to steal some time somewhere, if only I knew about this concept of free time  :-)

My weekly stash of new finds... :-)
Yes it is a Birmingham Block plane :-)

More on this plane and the remaining of my recent finds soon... sometimes, one day...

 Bob, free time challenged but loving it :-)


  1. Can't tell you how many people say they are busier in retirement than they were while working. "I don't know how I had time for work!"

  2. I can personally attest to that for sure :-)

    Bob, living retirement

  3. Hi Bob
    Nice job finding an infill.
    I am looking forward to hearing about your experiences with the plane when you get it "up and running"


  4. Good find! In all the antique stores, flea markets I've been to.. I've never, ever seen an infill plane. They are very elusive or is it you that is a snapping them all